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In this Mahagranth Shrikrishna explained how to live and how should be the attitude towards work. | इस महाग्रंथ में श्रीकृष्ण ने समझाया किस तरह जीना चाहिए और काम को लेकर कैसा हो नजरिया

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7 days ago

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  • The sources of life management are mentioned in the Gita, which can be found by understanding success

In the Gita, Lord Krishna has told many such things, by understanding which life can be made happy and successful. In addition to karma in the Gita, Shri Krishna has also told that human beings should choose livelihood i.e. work according to their nature. He has given a healthy routine about health. At the same time, the difference between education and knowledge is explained. Apart from this, in the verses of Gita, it has also told how to keep oneself happy.

Karma: Why important, how should it be?
Tasmatsarveshu Kaleshu Mamanusmar Yudhya Ch.
मय्यर्पितमनोबुद्धिर्मामेवैष्यस्यसंशयम् ।।
meaning – Krishna says- Arjuna you chant me. But keep doing your work. In this, Shri Krishna says that one should not leave his work and take only the name of God. It is written in the Gita that life cannot be sustained without karma. The accomplishment that a man gets from karma cannot be attained even by renunciation.

Duty: work with what thinking
Yogastha: Tyuktava Dhananjaya with Kuru Karmani.
Siddhaya-siddhayo: samo bhutva samatvam yoga uchyate.
meaning – O Dhananjaya (Arjuna). By renouncing the urge not to perform karma, one should be able to do yoga-related karma by becoming enlightened about fame and disgrace That is, Shri Krishna says in the Gita that the idea of ​​not doing any work should not be brought to mind. Do not think about whether there is any benefit in any work. Just keeping in mind the time and circumstances, you should fulfill your duty by thinking what is right, what is wrong. Because it is called religion. Dharma means duty. One should never think of fame or waste and advantages and disadvantages in fulfilling their duties. The intellect should only work on its duty.

Livelihood: How should work be chosen?
Sadrishna Chestate Swasya: Natural science.
Prakriti yanti bhutani nigraha: What is the virtue?
meaning – Every human being works according to his nature. Thinks accordingly Every human nature is formed by old sins and virtuous deeds. Therefore, while doing good work, you should make your mind and nature pure. Accordingly, work should be chosen. The person who understands his nature and does some work, he succeeds. The work in which he gets pleasure. We work according to our nature and ability. Work according to your survival needs. It is also written in the Gita that the work that is in your hands at this time, that is, the present karma is nothing better than that. Complete it

Behavior: How should people be treated?
This is like Maa Prapadyante Tantathaiva Bhajamyaham.
Mum vratma nuvart nte manushya partha sarva sha: ..
meaning – Hey Arjun. I give fruit according to the way a person praises me, that is, the desire with which I remember me. It should be learned from this that the kind of behavior that a person does for others in the world gets the same behavior from others. Those who remember God for salvation get salvation. Those desires which are remembered by God on any other side, their desires are also fulfilled.

Knowledge and learning: how to learn and from whom?
Tadviddhi Pranipaten Pariprishnan Sevaya.
Upadekshyanti te gyanam jnaninastattvadarshin: ..
meaning – Education and knowledge are available only to those who have curiosity. Asking questions with respect and modesty gives wisdom. Those who are knowledgeable will tell anything only when you ask questions. It is important to weigh the arguments written or heard in books. Those who wrote in the scriptures, who have learned from the guru and who have been experienced, these three get the right synergy.

Health: What kind of routine should be there?
Yuktaharviharasya yaicheshtasya karmasu.
Yatavasavnaavabodhasya yogo bhavati grief.
meaning – The person who eats the right amount and sleeps at the right time, whose routine is regular, comes to yoga. Such a person keeps away from sorrows and diseases. It is written in the Gita that satvik food is best for health. It increases life, life force, strength, pleasure and joy.

Khushi: How to understand happiness and sorrow?
Maspershastu kontaye temathasukhdu: khada:.
Meaning – Coming and going of happiness and sorrow is like coming and going of winter and summer. Learn to bear. It is written in the Gita – He who has given up evil desires and greed gets peace. No one can be free from desires. But the quality of desire has to change.