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It is inauspicious to have Amavasya on Sunday, worship in the afternoon on this date and the importance of bathing and charity on the next day | रविवार को अमावस्या का होना अशुभ, इस तिथि पर दोपहर में पूजा-पाठ और अगले दिन स्नान-दान का महत्व

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  • It Is Inauspicious To Have Amavasya On Sunday, Worship In The Afternoon On This Date And The Importance Of Bathing And Charity On The Next Day

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  • On Sunday, after shraddh and pooja, take a pledge to donate to the ancestors, donate it to the needy people on Somavati Amavasya the next day

Sunday, April 11 is the new moon in the month of Chaitra. According to the Samhita texts of astrology, it is considered inauspicious to have Amavasya on Sunday. This situation has an inauspicious effect on the country and the world. On this date, there is a tradition of donating and worshiping along with bathing in pilgrimage and holy rivers.

According to Puri astrologer Dr. Ganesh Mishra, looking at the current conditions, mixing Ganga water in water at home can lead to the results of bathing in the pilgrimage. Due to the special position of planets on Chaitra Amavasya, by doing special worship of ancestors on this day, all kinds of problems are removed. The puja performed on this day for Pitras reduces the inauspicious effect of Pitru Dosha created by the position of planets in the horoscope.

The importance of bath donation on Monday will remain throughout the day on Sunday. But the next day on Monday, this date will be till about 8:30 in the morning. On the day of Somvati coinciding with Sunrise Vyapini Amavasya, take a bath in the morning with water from the pilgrimage. After this, according to reverence for the fathers’ satisfaction, they can donate food, clothes, or other essential things to the needy people. On this day the cow should also feed grass.

According to Pt. Mishra, what to do on Chaitra Amavasya – Take a bath before the sun rises on Sunday. After this, perform shradh, tarpan and puja for the ancestors. – Light a cow’s ghee lamp. Take pledge to donate according to reverence. After this feed green grass to the cow, bread to the dogs and ravens. – Chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra or Lord Shiva’s name on Amavasya. – Brahmins can get food during Amavasya Tithi. If possible, you can donate flour, ghee, Dakshina, clothes or other essential things in a temple.

Donation and virtue is important in Somavati Amavasya, after worshiping at home on Somavati Amavasya, donate money and food grains to the needy people. Donate grass or money to a cowshed. It is believed that donations made on this day yield many times more virtuous results.

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