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January 2021 Monthly Horoscope Predictions: Education, Career, Business, Love, Marriage, Children

Education: Ganesha says, you are blessed with natural intellectual capacity and you will thrive in whatever field you choose. Particularly about this first month of the decade, the Sun is transiting in the ninth house which is the most opportune time for students engaged in higher education. Kids in lower grades will need extra attention as fourth house of your zodiac is looking a little weak. For parents who think that their children are not bright enough, you need to calm down and let time take its course as your child’s zodiac’s third house is strong and hence, they will master one subject or an art form and will shine like a star in it.
Career: People involved in the legal profession will surely see a brighter sun this month. People involved in the technical and engineering field will be granted new opportunities, most probably around the third week of this month. On 20th January, you are likely to meet your breakthrough project, something you have been waiting for since long. Make sure you meet your deadlines. Some positive changes will occur at your workplace. People thinking of changing jobs will get the right contacts around the second week, make sure you keep your eyes and ears open.
Business: Financial market will make you tense around the second week of this month but don’t worry you will be able to sell your holdings at the end of the month. Think everything with a rational perspective and don’t rely much on opinions and suggestions. Make sure your instincts agree with what you want to do. You will be able to shake hands with the right partner for your new venture before this month ends. Avoid lending and borrowing this month. If you have made commitments regarding lending, provide them with other sources.
Love: Your relationship will stay steady this month. You have been thinking about making a proposal for marriage, well this is the right time. You will get a positive response from your partner. Your relationship can expect some detailing near the end of the month but things will be back on track once you give it some time.
Marriage: Problems you have been facing since long in your marriage will be mostly solved by the middle of the month. People divorced will finally be able to move on. You will get attracted to unethical temptations or someone other than your spouse due to malefic effect of Rahu but make sure you don’t take any wrong step. You are an ethical person and don’t let such things ruin what you have.
Children: Your kids will not need any special attention as they will be safe, sound and happy. Don’t allow them to distant places with people you don’t share a deep bond with. Make sure you keep them inclined towards spiritual faith. Your children will not only make you proud but will pave their own way.

Education: Education for you will stay a matter of concern this month as you won’t be able to cope up with the stress your studies will put on you but if you have applied for any government exams, you will hear good news soon. Don’t let people around you discourage you and judge your dreams, you must keep your eyes on the bull and leave rest on God.
Business: Some unexpected sources will flood you financially. You will be able to make good investments and past investments will give you good returns this month. For people who are looking for a good option to invest, think about real estate. Purchasing new assets for business this month will bring you fortune. Make sure you keep faith in yourself and your business will surely flourish.
Career: Avoid recruitment schemes. Someone will surely dupe you this month so beware. If you are changing a job, make sure you are looking forward to a better opportunity. You will feel insecure at your workplace as someone more talented and upright will show up but you have to look at a brighter side that you will be able to learn from them. Avoid taking any major steps regarding your career. People involved in careers related to sales and merchandise, you will have a hard time at the end of the month. People involved in Engineering jobs will have to wait a little to get complete satisfaction.
Love: Starting of the month will be great for people who just jumped into relationships but by the end of the month you will start reflexing your partner as Venus will send negative vibes. Taking your relationship slow will help. Don’t jump to severe conclusions this month when it comes to love. You will be able to deepen your relationship this month. Take the third weekend to spend time with your partner.
Marriage: For married people, well this month will be buried under happiness as you will hear good news. Third week is a very fortunate time to plan a baby for newlyweds. A little excitement will hop up in your married life near the last week.
Kids: Your children will be needed to look after. Keep them away from sharp objects and excessive water. Avoid allowing them to go for an outing near water bodies. They will acquire new talents and diversify themselves in a totally different direction. You will be able to guide them in the right direction.
Education: You need not worry about education this week as you will be able to grab the right opportunities. People applying for higher education will have to pay attention and keep the track on their agent. Your exams will show up this month, only key to good grades will be hard work and patience.
Career: Your confidence will make it easier for you to stay in the limelight throughout this month. You will also get the opportunity to travel for a professional trip. Someone from a superior position will test your patience and make sure you pass with flying colours. Technicians and teachers will have a nice time this week as they will receive appreciation. Focus on what you already have rather than jumping into something new.
Business: You will have to beware of your competitors and enemies in the middle of the month. Taking new approaches will help this month. As your sixth house looks strong, you will be able to acquire a good amount of returns this month. It’s not a good time for you to start a new venture. Wait for the right time.
Love: Don’t get involved in any fling this month. You are likely to meet a wrong person around the third week. Make sure you don’t rush into relationships and take it slow. Those of you are already in a relationship, you will be able to spend a good amount of time together. Not only will you find time to reconnect but will get to indulge in deep conversations.
Marriage: Your marriage will go through ups and downs this month as you will get into minor disagreements about your children. Try to keep calm and make sure of not using hurtful words. People thinking of tying the knot real soon should talk to their families in the first week itself. By the end of this month, your relationship will grow.
Kids: Your kids will welcome new talent this month. You will be able to push them towards their concerned studies. Focus on their curriculum to maintain the balance of their mind. They will be able to make significant changes in their routine and these changes will lead to better outcomes.
Education: You will be able to accomplish your projects and you will get good scores in your exams. You will find a right guide to hold your hand and work over your weak subjects. Don’t waste your time with your friends. You will be affected by peer pressure this month, make sure you don’t get any bad habits or cross the lines of your values.
Career: Your superiors and subordinates will be pleased by your work. The little things you have done for people at your workplace will pay back in the last week of this month. You won’t only be able to gain appreciation but also you will be made a leader. Your sixth house looks strong and hence you will be able to find a right job real soon. Don’t let people influence your decisions at work and make sure you trust in your decisions.
Business: People involved in textiles and ceramics will reap lots of benefits. If you have been thinking of starting a new venture, think about import and export. Don’t do anything unethical to earn instant profits.
Love: Romantic life will bring you unexpected joy. You will rush into a relationship and you may regret it later. Think a lot about giving commitment to omeone. Your partner and you will talk about family issues, and personal growth. Make sure you support your partner on professional fronts also.
Marriage: Your marriage will go smooth this month. You will be able to forgive each other and move past your issues and disputes. Try to understand things from each other’s perspective and don’t let anyone else manipulate your decisions. Rahu and Ketu will affect you adversely at the end of the month. Visit the temple together every Monday to strengthen your bond.
Kids: Kids will have to be taken care of for the first fifteen days. Their education will be alright and their extra abilities will develop well. They may stay a little frustrated and annoyed sometimes but that would not signify anything negative.
Education: You can apply for higher studies this month. Make sure you attend regular classes and complete regular assignments to cope up with the pace of your studies. As far as your exams are concerned, you will be able to perform well but being over anxious and nervous will affect your performance a little. Participate in extracurricular activities also as this month will also bring you some rewards and medals.
Career: Though career is not such a matter of concern for Leo but you will stay worried on a professional level as you will feel confused about choosing new things or holding on to existing things. Your superiors will trust your decisions and they will be impressed by your leadership skills. You won’t be able to take a major leap in your career but the small progression you will do this month will have greater benefits.
Business: Business for you will be in the most fortunate period. You will be able to make good choices and will get ample number of good deals which will fetch you enough money to pay all your debts. What you lack is self-confidence. While it is advised to listen to your business analyst, it is also advised to trust your instincts at certain points. Don’t get involved in any legal battle this month. The end of month will bring you the opportunities you were waiting for since long via the influential people God sent your way.
Love: Relationships are like responsibilities for you. This month your partner will change this ideology as they will give you enough space to grow individually and will also take the charge of making first moves. You will not only be able to deepen your bondage but will also be able to see the best version of yourself. The fourth week will be busy for you and you won’t be able to spare so much time with your partner but next month’s festivities will bring you close again.
Marriage: Your marriage will go smoothly. You will be able to make good and deep connections this month. Let bygones be bygones. Make sure you don’t let your aggression affect your relationship. You will relieve your old memories and cherish.
Kids: Don’t worry about your kids. They will be fine. It’s a fortunate time to plan kids. They will do fine with their studies and also, they will be making new friends. Make them stay away from people with evil eyes.
Education: During this period, the results may not be as high as you expected as your zodiac is being wedged by Rahu. The initial days of this month will be favourable for the school going children but things will go adverse after fifteen days. People pursuing higher studies should think twice before they decide their career. Nothing comes as you want but dreams cost nothing so keep working hard until you are blessed with immense intellect.
Career: You will also get some new job offers but try to dodge them, or if you acquire them then don’t make any decision quickly. Take your time for the same and then opt for it. Your communication skills will be very helpful in terms of marketing of your company and due to that, everyone will appreciate you.
Business: Partnership can be seen in your stars. Your luck is on your side so travel to make good business deals. You will reap the advantage of Sun’s transition in the first and fourth house. If you really make sound and right decisions about investment, you will surely shine.
Love: Moving further your love life will be awesome this month. The love will knock on the doors of your heart. Your charm will flourish over the opposite gender and your communication skills will play an important role. Your partner will certainly be exceptional and he or she will make you feel. If you are planning to date someone new then your communication and multitasking skills are the key source to open the love lock.
Marriage: Your marriage will demand some patience as this month your work frustration will affect your married life. Make sure you keep your office stress away from domestic fronts. If you are someone who is confused about marrying the person you have been dating, this month is the right time to talk about tying the knot.
Kids: Virgos, you are an overprotecting person and you have inherited this to your kids. They may feel little insecure about people surrounding them and hence you must keep counselling them often. Someone will jinx their talent and hence keep them away from negative people especially from 17th January to 25th January.
Education: Try to form good relationships with your elders. They might help you. Do not misplace faith and remain resolute on your route to victory. Also, evade getting engaged in any conflict or gossip and preferably focus on your education, as you are inclined to diversions. Those studying in the areas of information technology will accomplish specific success.
Career: Jupiter is joining the profession in the house of destiny. January will bring your recognition and you will stay in limelight for your hard work and smart moves. You can surely expect appraisals and promotions at the end of the month. There will still be some colleagues who will try to bring you down and question your techniques but don’t let it hinder your progress.
Business: Your professional life will surely flourish this month. Try to work your business in sole proprietorship and avoid creating a business with partnership firms. Again, don’t take any decision quickly, before negotiating on a particular agreement completely check your external sources and then shake your hands. Being patient, this month can only lead to success. Avoid getting involved in business with foreign countries.
Love: A little instability can be seen in love affairs this month. Your partner may need financial help but will hesitate to ask so keep a check on how you can help your partner. You may get involved in arguments with your beloved over small things so be careful about it. Love will surely blossom, let the universe take its time.
Marriage: Same as above whenever you are conversing with your partner or you are in some conflict with them at that time keep your ego aside. It’s not a good time to plan for a baby this month apart from that everything is settled and okay. This time you will practice perpetual efforts to please your partner during this entire month.
Kids: Your kids may suffer from wavering minds and you have to be supportive while talking to them. Protect them from black magic by bringing them closer to religious practices. They can be a little problematic to handle this month but will improve their behaviour gradually.
Education: You can apply in foreign institutions for higher studies and think of settling down there. Make sure you apply for the process faster. Your planetary position will turn unfavourable for higher education after the third week. For students in lower grades, consistency needs to be taken care of. Career: You will be able to fulfil your targets this month. Cross check every detail of the documents you sign this month as you are likely to make mistakes. People involved in sales and marketing will get more opportunities. People involved in the educational sector, you will have a hard time in the middle of the month but by the end of the month, everything will settle down. You can ask for a raise if you have been thinking about it for a long time.
Business: This month, cash inflow will be limited. You will have to be very careful about your resources. It’s not a good time to invest in the stock market. You will notice considerable improvements in your finances in the last week. Don’t invest in any long-term projects this month. Make sure you take all your decisions wisely and not in haste.
Love: You will be happy with how things will go with your partner and you. you will be able to incline on the optimistic side. The fresh and new perspectives of your partner will be cherry on the top. You can go for a short trip with your partner. Those of you are single, you can expect your friend to confess their feelings by the end of the month.
Marriage: Married couples should not let their ego get in the way of their relationship. You will need to make an extra effort to make your relationship feel alive. Don’t hesitate to ask for what your marriage demands. For people who are engaged, take this month to look closely over your common interests and each other’s career. Spare yourself from involving third person into the matters of your marriage.
Kids: Looking at planetary positions, your kids will be alright health wise. They will diversify their interests. If you are a new parent and you have been waiting for that beautiful moment, you can expect your child’s first baby steps this month. Make sure you keep your child away from evil energies.
Education: Students will get good opportunities to explore their talents and make productive decisions for their future. As your third house looks strong, you will be able to take forward the subject you are strong in. don’t divert your attention in accomplishing unattainable goals, rather focus on a subject you are strong in.
Career: This will be a month of varied outcomes on the professional front. Be cautious with the ways of your announcement. You will find upright results for the projects you are allotted to. Even with your little labour, you can gain triumph in your work. Work hard and follow the promises sanctioned in the deal and you will gleam. You may have to travel on account of your professional life.
Business: This month will be a little rough on the financial prospects. Though your income would be steady these days, recently your expenses may have shot up, leaving your earnings wiped out by your expenditures in this week of the month. You might be flooded with difficulties from your family to provide them with some necessary but expensive things. Therefore, you will need to be careful with your money and thrifty about your outflows this month. If you know that it is not essential, don’t purchase it.
Love: There will be a lot of changes that will come in your romantic life and all for the better. You will be playing the role of a peacemaker and would go to whatever extent is needed to fix your issues with your partner. Some tensions have arisen in your household or in your relationship and you seem to be the only one who can resolve the matter. Be diplomatic and objective in your approach and the situation should return to normal soon. If you need a bit of time away from your partner, take it.
Marriage: First half of this month will give you a hard time being on the same page with your partner but the third week will bring peace and harmony. People looking for a perfect partner, you will have to wait until the end of the month to meet the one meant for you. parents worried about their daughter’s marriage, let this bad phase pass and things will soon get on track.
Kids: Your kids will need a little push to catch up with their studies. Your children’s health will need some attention. Try to keep them away from heavy workout, adventurous sport and heights in the second week of this month.
Education: Transition in the fourth house does not look favourable and hence students involved in lower education will need to pay more attention while the 9th house looks stronger and hence people involved in higher studies will succeed on each step this month. Education for Capricorn won’t be that a bigger concern. Just make sure you don’t approach for shortcuts.
Career: You are advised to think about all the pros and cons of your new job before leaving your current job. You will learn new skills but will find it difficult to decide strategies. You will learn from other people’s experiences and will make significant changes in your workplace. You are likely to miss your deadlines at the end of the month. Update yourself with surrounding to grab better opportunities.
Business: You are likely to purchase new property and will be able to clear older debts. Dividends will disappoint you a little. Pre-planning will help you a lot in the middle of the month. Taking guidance from an experienced person is advised. Make sure you don’t miss out on your legal duties.
Love: Harmony will return to your relationship. Some unexpectedly good changes will come in your partner. Proposal will make its way to singles and you should accept it. People who don’t feel a positive vibe from their partner should end their relationship as now is the right time. Someone who will value you is waiting for you.
Marriage: Divorced people are likely to meet someone of similar interest through a common friend. The disagreements between your spouse and you will be solved and you will experience new warmth in your relationship.
Kids: 5th house looks stronger and you should plan for kids now. If you already have children, this month they are likely to get inclined towards unethical things and you need to take care. Do not pressurise them over something just warn them and make them do the right thing by explaining the consequences.
Education: You will have to pay extra attention to your studies. You will have to spend extra hours as you will finally be able to identify your weaknesses and now you will have to take time to work on them. People from the commerce field will have to be extra careful during this month as planetary transitions will not be so favourable for them.
Career: You will get your much needed support. Your constant efforts and practical attitude towards your job will yield better results. You are likely to create a mess by taking some emotional decisions. People involved in the medical profession are likely to have a hard time this month. You will also get immediate gains in the ending of the month. You will be able to fetch good returns this month and what you will achieve will be a long term thing.
Business: The transitions in your 1st and 4th house will be favourable and hence you can expect an influx of cash in your business. You are likely to find the right partners to start your new venture with. As far as your debts are concerned, this month will not give you much relief but upcoming time is going to relax you. think of all possible repercussions before you make any major decisions this week.
Love: Love is around the corner for you. this new decade has bought you deeper connections in terms of romance. People already in relationships, you can expect some twists and turns as you will be misunderstood and distance will frustrate them. Don’t worry someone will show your partner their way back to you. stay away from insecurities this month.
Marriage: Marriage will be totally fine and you will find your lost charm back. You will be able to find your charm back. You will not get involved in any disagreements. Someone may jinx your happily married life therefore avoid displaying your affection in public.
Kids: Your kids will learn self-appreciation this month. Their health will be fine and there is nothing to concern about them this month.
Education: For Pisces, education won’t be an issue as you are born with great intellectual and this month Jupiter will support you. Your creative intellectual will increase and you will start perceiving your talents as your career. Mid-month may not be easy for you but being patient will help.
Career: Your career will take a leap this month as your name is likely to be on the appraisal and promotion list, your superiors will see you in high esteem. You will not only gain appreciation but also make a distinct identity at your workplace. Maintain this throughout the month.
Business: You will be able to complete your pending work this month. You will not have a stressful situation hitting you hard this month. This month is a fortunate period to set blueprints of your future plans. This month, take risks after calculating it twice. Avoid taking loans this month. People involved in the construction industry will reap extra benefits this month.
Love: This month, clearing all misunderstanding with your partner should be your sole aim. Try to be on the same page this month. About new relationships, you must not disclose your relationship until you get committed for life. Make sure your partner is looking for a permanent connection. End of the month may not be so favourable for your relationship but don’t worry as things will settle down soon.
Marriage: Your marriage will get complicated as your partner will be under bad influence. Try to be very impulsive and aggressive. You will have to take charge this month, let your partner make mistakes and let them learn and don’t act like a shield. Don’t worry, things will get settled before last week.
Kids: Your kids will worry about your relationship with your spouse. Don’t let your personal issues affect their growth. Make sure you make them more inclined towards spirituality as they will need protection from evil energies. If your child’s birthday falls in this month, make sure you get them involved in charity on their birthday.
—- By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla