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kabir ke dohe, kabir cuplets, life management tips by kabirdas, kabirdas ke dohe | रात सो कर बीत गई, दिन खाकर बीत जाता है, लोग कीमती जीवन को व्यर्थ चीजों के लिए बर्बाद कर रहे हैं

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One month ago

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  • By adopting the couplets of Kabirdasji, many of our problems can be overcome.

Sant Kabir was born about 622 years ago, who is famous for the couplets which tell the sources of happy life. Even today, taking away the lessons mentioned in these couplets in life can eliminate many of our problems.

This story related to the birth of Kabirdas

A Muslim couple named Niru and Neema had found a small child near the pond in Lahartara area near Kashi. Niru and Neema were married at that time. Both of them came to their home with the baby. His house was in today’s Kabir Chaura Math area. This child grew up and became known as Kabirdas. Three places related to Kabirdasji are special. He was born in Lahartara, Kashi where he lived and Maghar spent his last days of life here.

Know some special couplets of Kabirdasji, which can be solved by adopting many of our problems…