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Kharmas End Date Month 14 April 2021; What Is Kharmas? Do’s And Don’ts, History, Significance And More | अगले 3 महीनों तक है शुभ मुहूर्त, इसलिए महामारी के चलते अभी टाल देने चाहिए शुभ काम

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  • There will be many auspicious auspicious days from 17 April to 19 July for marriages and all kinds of auspicious works

On April 14, the Sun will enter Aries. With this zodiac change, Kharmas i.e. Pisces month will end. Earlier on March 14, Pisces month was going on after the Sun entered the Pisces zodiac sign. Due to being silent, the karmas that came in the 15 samskaras for the last one month and did not do any kind of auspicious work, but now they will be auspicious for them. However, astrologers say that in case of an epidemic, marriage and other auspicious activities should be postponed to the next Muhurta. Manglik programs and religious events should not be held for the next few days.

Auspicious work can be done at home
According to Puri’s astrologer Dr. Ganesh Mishra, 16 rites and other auspicious works can be done after the completion of Kharmas i.e. Meenmas. Annaprashan, Naming, Chudakarma, Vidyabharam and other auspicious works can be done at home only on auspicious and auspicious days. But due to Corona epidemic during this period, the marriage ceremony should not be done till the arrival of the Abuja Muhurta or the next auspicious Ascendant.

What is Abuja Muhurta
According to the Hindu calendar, there are some dates and days throughout the year in which one can do auspicious work without considering it. The work done in these Muhurta always results in auspicious results. Home auspiciousness, purchase of property and vehicles, marriage, Wagdan i.e. engagement, Roka, Mundan, Yajnopavit and other auspicious rituals can be performed in Abuja Muhurta. Along with this, a job, business or any auspicious work can also be started.

Abuja Muhurat for marriage
The Abuja Muhurta is considered auspicious for Manglik functions such as marriage and engagement. If the date of one’s marriage is not coming out or if for some reason it is not possible to get married on the auspicious time, then marriage can also be done in Abuja Muhurta. According to scriptures, Akshaya Tritiya, Basant Panchami and Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi have been considered as Abuja Muhurta. These 3 Abuja Muhurats have been mentioned in a year for performing marriages and other auspicious activities.

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