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Last solar eclipse of 2020 on 14 december, solar eclipse on 14 december, surya grahan on monday 14 december | भारत में नहीं दिखेगा साल का अंतिम सूर्य ग्रहण, राशि अनुसार क्या करें और क्या नहीं

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19 days ago

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  • If there is no eclipse in India, it will not be seen in South India, South America and South-west Africa.

The eclipse is happening on Monday, December 14, the new moon of Margashirsha month. India will not see this eclipse. According to Indian time, the solar eclipse will start at 7.03 pm, its midnight will be at 9.43 pm and the eclipse will end at 12.23 pm. It will be night in India at the time of eclipse. There will also be no thread of eclipse here.

According to Art of Living astrologer Ashutosh Chawla, the last solar eclipse of 2020 will be visible in South America, South-West Africa, Atlantic, Indian and parts of Pacific Ocean. There will be no eclipse in India. During this time, chanting and chanting of meditation are done, positive results can be found soon.

This eclipse is happening in the constellation constellation of Scorpio. At this time, there is also a combination of Guru and Saturn in Capricorn. In such an eclipse, there can be a big change in the country and the world at this time. Know what auspicious things can be done according to the zodiac at the time of eclipse…

Aries- People of this zodiac should chant mantras silently. Meditate

Taurus These people do bhajan and satsang with their life partner.

Gemini- People of this zodiac should avoid insulting others by themselves. Respect everyone.

Crab- People of this zodiac chant the Gayatri Mantra.

Leo sun sign – Take care of your mother’s health. Do clean the house

Virgo- Drive the vehicle carefully. Chant the mantra.

Libra – These people should avoid tamasic diet. Make the decision carefully.

Scorpio – People of this sign should be patient. Spend some time in the natural environment.

Sagittarius Avoid long distance travel and donate to needy people.

Capricorn- Chant the mantra of your presiding deity of this zodiac.

Aquarius- These people should do their work honestly. Stopped work can be completed.

Pisces- These people should follow their father’s advice. Doing this can avoid harm.