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life management story in hindi, how to get happiness and peace of mind, motivational story in hindi, prerak prasang | जो लोग परिवार से प्रेम करते हैं, धैर्य और संतोष बनाए रखते हैं, वे ही भक्ति कर पाते हैं

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2 month ago

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  • A person used to remain unhappy due to the family, troubled, he reached the saint to retire.

There are problems in the family, they should not be disappointed due to this. If the situation is not in favor then we should keep the fire going with patience. One should maintain satisfaction in what we have. The mind will remain calm, only then can we do devotion. A folk tale prevails in this regard. Know this story …

According to the legend, a person’s family was having constant problems. He also had a quarrel with parents and wife. He was working hard, but was not getting enough money. Disappointed, one day he decided to leave home and take retirement.

The unhappy person approached a saint and said to the saint that Guruji should make me your disciple. I want to retire I leave everything behind my family and work and now I just want to do devotion to God.

The saint asked him if you loved anyone in your house. The person said no, I do not love anyone in my family. The saint said that you do not have any attachment with your parents, siblings, wife and children.

The person said that Guruji the whole world is selfish. I do not love anyone in my family. I have no love for anyone, that’s why I want to leave everything and retire.

The saint said that I cannot make you disciples, I cannot calm your restless mind. If you had a little affection for your family, I could have increased it further, if you loved your parents, then I could extend this love and make you engaged in devotion to God, but your mind is very hard. A seed becomes a huge tree, but there is no emotion in your mind.

Story lessons

Devotion can also be done by staying with family. Only those who live with patience and satisfaction are able to do devotion. If there is no love, patience and satisfaction in one’s mind, then that person will remain turbulent. These things are necessary for peace and devotion.