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life management tips about happiness, mahabharata facts in hindi, we should remember these tips about problems | मुश्किल समय में विनम्र बन रहना चाहिए, धैर्य से काम लेंगे तो हालात बदल सकते हैं

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  • Yudhishthira had asked the grandfather, sources of happy life, keeping these things in mind, happiness and prosperity persists.

Most people lose patience in times of grief and anger also increases in nature. In such a situation, what we should take care of, we can learn from Mahabharata.

In the Mahabharata war, Pitamah Bhishma was on the bed of arrows. Every day after the war, all the Pandavas came to meet the grandfather. One day Yudhishthira said to Bhishma that father, ‘You should give us such education useful for life, which can always be useful for us. How can our life be happy? ‘

Bhishma said that when the river flows fast, it uproots large trees and sweeps them along. However, small grasses can survive this flow. The flow of the river is so fast that even big powerful trees do not stand in front of it. The grass survives due to its softness.

The important formula of happy life is hidden in this matter itself. People who are always humble can be safe even in the worst of times. Whereas those who do not bow down like powerful trees drift away in the drift of bad times.

We too should always be humble, only then our existence remains. This is the basic mantra of happy life. Those who do not bow down even at the opposite time have to face more miseries. Keeping patience with humility can change the situation very quickly.