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life management tips by gautam buddha, buddha story about good thinking, we should follow good things, buddha prerak prasang | अच्छी बातों को सिर्फ सुनने से जीवन नहीं बदलता है, इन्हें जीवन में उतारने से ही लाभ मिलता है

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14 days ago

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  • A person said to Buddha, ‘I am not getting any benefit from listening to your sermons, nothing has changed in my life’

To maintain positivity, one should keep listening and reading good things. Also, it is necessary to bring good things into life as well, only then life can change. A folk tale associated with Gautama Buddha is prevalent in this regard.

Gautam Buddha used to preach to the people wherever he lived. Sometimes they stayed at the same place for several days. Once he stopped in a village and was teaching the people there everyday. Many people used to listen to the discourses of Buddha. One person was coming to the discourse regularly.

A few days later, the person said to Buddha, ‘Tathagata, I have been listening to all your discourses for quite some time. But, sorry, these sermons are not having any effect on me. Everything you said is true, but it is not affecting me. What is the reason for this?’

Gautama Buddha asked the person, ‘Where do you live?’

The man replied, ‘I live in Shravasti.’

Buddha asked, ‘How far is this place from here?’

The person told the distance. After this Buddha again asked, “How do you go there?”

The person said that sometimes I go on a horse, sometimes on a bullock cart.

Buddha then asked how long does it take you to get there?

The person also told the time of arrival.

Buddha then asked if you could reach Shravasti sitting here.

In response to this question, the person said that Tathagata is not possible. For this I have to walk, only then I can reach my house.

The Buddha said, ‘It is right. We can reach our goal only by walking. Similarly, unless we do not follow good things, we will not follow them, till then we will not have any effect on discourses. ‘

That person understood the words of Buddha very well. After that day he too started walking on the path of Buddha. Within a few days his life started changing. He started to get away from evils like anger, greed, fascination.