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life management tips, Where there is laziness, great wealth and business is destroyed, this bad habit should be abandoned immediately. | जहां आलस होता है, वहां बड़ी धन-संपत्ति और व्यापार नष्ट हो जाता है, इस बुराई को तुरंत छोड़ देना चाहिए

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  • Life Management Tips, Where There Is Laziness, Great Wealth And Business Is Destroyed, This Bad Habit Should Be Abandoned Immediately.

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12 minutes ago

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Mahatma Buddha has said that unhappiness is the elixir of status, if you want progress, you have to give up laziness. Where there is laziness, the greatest wealth and business is destroyed. If you want to reach the heights and want to specialize in your field, then decide today that you will not be lazy now.

Nature also causes lazy person to suffer physical illnesses. There should be no doubt that laziness is indeed the path of darkness. If you are lazy then gradually happiness and prosperity starts to end.

Sloth tamoguni is a fatal disorder of life. Which increases due to sense pleasure, irregular eating, arrogance, cruelty, untruth. It sounds good in the beginning, but later it ends up very painful.

Renunciation of laziness is absolutely necessary for complete progress in the field of life. There have been many great people in the country, who did not get greatness by wealth and means, but by continuously working, staying active and feeling of renunciation. Great people have achieved success in their respective fields only by abandoning laziness.

– Yoguru YK Sharma

Author – Yogaashray Sevayatan is the founder of Naturopathy and Meditation Yoga Center Jaipur, Rajasthan.