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Mahabharata facts in hindi, lord krishna and arjun story, motivational story from mahabharata | लक्ष्य पूरा होगा या नहीं, ये सोचे बिना हमें सिर्फ बेहतर से बेहतर कोशिश करनी चाहिए

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2 month ago

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  • The context of the Mahabharata, which states that the fruits of actions are not in the hands of humans

At the beginning of any work, one should not think about whether success will be achieved or not. Because, the success or failure of actions is not in the hands of human beings. In the Mahabharata, Shri Krishna had preached to Arjuna that you just do karma, do not desire fruit. Those who do karma according to religion, they definitely get success. You can understand this from a passage in the Mahabharata…

Sri Krishna explained to Arjun you just try better

Duryodhana wanted to kill all the Pandavas. That is why he planned to kill the Pandavas at Lakshagraha. Somehow all the Pandavas escaped from the conspiracy of Lakshagriha and changed into disguised forest.

At that time King Drupada held the Swayamvara of Princess Draupadi. In this event, Pandavas also disguised as Brahmins. Sri Krishna was also present at the Swayamvara and he recognized all the Pandavas as Brahmins.

In Swayamvar, the condition was that the warrior should look at the eyes of the fish roaming on the roof, looking at the water placed on the ground. Draupadi was to be married to a warrior who fulfilled this condition.

When Arjuna arrived to participate in this competition, Shri Krishna explained to him how to aim in the eye of the fish, Shri Krishna explained the whole method to Arjuna. Hearing Shri Krishna’s words, Arjun said that if I have to do everything then what is your need?

Shri Krishna should say that you only do what is under your control and I will do what is not under your control, that is, I will freeze the moving water, so that you do not have trouble in targeting. You just try to do better than better.

Admitting to Sri Krishna, he tried better in Arjuna and he targeted the fish’s eye.

The lesson of this topic is that we should try our best. One should not desire fruit while doing karma. If the fruit does not come in our favor, we have to face disappointment. If you do your work with honesty, then you definitely get success.