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Mars in Mithun (Gemini) 2021 Planetary Transit 2021: Mithun Rashi Parivartan, Shubh For Rashifal Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Its Impact On (Job, Busines, Property and Health) | 2 जून तक मिथुन राशि में रहेगा ये ग्रह; कर्क, वृश्चिक और मीन वालों को रहना होगा संभलकर

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  • Mars In Mithun (Gemini) 2021 Planetary Transit 2021: Mithun Rashi Parivartan, Shubh For Rashifal Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio And Its Impact On (Job, Busines, Property And Health)

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  • Mangal, both king and minister of Samvat 2078, may cause earthquake and arson conditions in the country this year.

On 14 April, Mars has come to Gemini from Taurus. Due to the change in the movement of this planet, along with many zodiac signs, the country and the world will also have a special effect. This planet will be in this zodiac till June 2. Now being in Gemini, Mars will have auspicious effects on people with Aries, Leo and Capricorn. The economic status of these zodiac signs will be strong and the power will increase. It will have mixed effects on Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. At the same time, people with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will have to be careful.

Samvat 2078, both King and Minister Mars
The new era of the Hindu calendar has started from 13 April. Puri’s astrologer, Dr. Ganesh Mishra, says that this time both the king and the minister of the new era is Mars. In astrology, Mars is considered as the land son. It is also the causative planet of might. In this way, this planet will show its special effect in this whole year i.e. Samvat 2078. During this time the might of the Indian Army will also be seen by the world. However, Mars is also called a cruel planet, so serious situations like arson, earthquake, public rebellion and bloodshed can also occur in the country and the world.

Effect of Mars on 12 zodiac signs by June 2 (according to Dr. Mishra)

Aries : Changing Mars zodiac will increase courage and might. This will help in jobs and business. Help will come from brothers, sisters, friends and people who work together. Luck will also be supported. Yogas will be formed. Health will improve. Will win in disputes. The verdict of legal matters is a sign of your arrival.

Taurus Changing the zodiac sign of this planet will have a mixed effect. Chances of getting stagnant money are being made. But expenses can also increase. Property dispute is feared. There may be interruptions in jobs and business. Family and mental problems may also occur. Drive the vehicle carefully.

Gemini : Changes in the movement of Mars will have mixed effects. You may have to work harder in job and business. There will also be irritability. Everyday tasks will be completed on time. Property related issues will be resolved. There will also be health related ups and downs.

Cancer : Mars will have an inauspicious effect. Conflicts in economic matters may increase. Expenses may increase. Money can also be lost. Old disputes may resume. There may be unnecessary running. There is a possibility of injury. One has to be careful about health.

Lion : The power will increase due to Mars. There will be opportunities to move forward in jobs and business. Legal decisions can come in your favor. Sources of income will also increase. Stopped money can also be found. Plans can be fulfilled. Problems related to children will be removed.

Virgo: There are chances of progress in job and business. Money will benefit. There will be benefit in property related matters. Time will be beneficial for people doing government jobs. Brother, sister and friends will help. Any secret or secret information can also be known.

Libra: Luck will support you in transactions and investment. Everyday tasks will be completed on time and they will get success. Saving will increase. Time will also be good for married life. Help will come from brothers and friends. Will work hard to complete every task.

Scorpio: Health problems will occur due to Mars. There is a possibility of dispute in job and business. Enemies may cause trouble. Drive the vehicle carefully. Injuries can occur. Anger can cause deterioration of functioning. Old disputes can also begin.

Sagittarius: Time will be mixed. Health related problems can be overcome. People from far away places will get help. New plans for everyday work will be made and work will be done on them. The benefits of which will be available in the coming days. There may be problems in marital life.

Capricorn : Due to Mars, old disputes will be resolved. Hard work will be more. People from far away places will get help. Time will be beneficial in job and business. Property purchase can be beneficial in sales. Help will come from mother and younger brothers. The thought works will also be completed in time.

Aquarius : New plans related to jobs and business will be made. But they will not be able to work. Meet and interact with new people. There will be problem related to children. There can be ups and downs in marital life. There may be differences or differences with brothers and friends.

Pisces: Disputes can arise in jobs and business. Property matters can also get complicated. There will be differences from mother. Saving can be over. Luck will not be able to support you. Electronic expenses may increase. Be careful in transactions and investments. There will be a time of family strife and mental turmoil.

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