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Mars will come in Aries on December 24; Due to this, there is a possibility of increasing protests, disturbances and violence in the country | 24 दिसंबर को मंगल आ जाएगा मेष राशि में; इससे देश में विरोध, उपद्रव और हिंसा बढ़ने की आशंका

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  • Mars Will Come In Aries On December 24; Due To This, There Is A Possibility Of Increasing Protests, Disturbances And Violence In The Country

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10 days ago

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  • Tension in the country may increase due to Mars zodiac change, there is also a possibility of natural disaster

On December 24, Mars will enter its own zodiac, Aries. Earlier, this planet was in Pisces from October 4. Now Mars will remain in Aries zodiac for the next 2 months. Then on 22 February it will go to Vrisha. Pandit Ganesh Mishra, the astrologer of Kashi, says that due to the arrival of Mars in its own zodiac, there is a possibility of rain and snowfall in the western and northern parts of the country. Apart from this, rain may also occur in some places. Also, there are chances of increasing inflation in the country. Some accidents can also happen. There is also a possibility of increasing tension and disturbance in the country. Sporadic violence and protests may also increase in the northern states of the country.

Will remain in its own zodiac for 81 days
Pan Mishra said that Mars usually changes the zodiac in 45 days. But this time, your own zodiac will remain in Aries for 81 days. It first came into Mars Aries on August 16. Then on October 4, a zodiac went backwards in Pisces. After that it will now return to Aries on 24 December. After this, on 22 February 2021, Taurus will reach the zodiac.

Auspicious for Scorpio and Aquarius
Changing Mars zodiac sign can complete the plans of people with Scorpio zodiac sign. Time is beneficial for those in this job and in business. Suddenly the benefits of wealth are also being created. Enemies will prevail. There are chances of having a beneficial trip to a distant place. At the same time, expenses of people with Aquarius sign may decrease. Savings will increase. Time will be beneficial for people with government jobs. Property-related buy-in may occur. Luck will support you. Hard work and courage will also increase.

Inauspicious: Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces
The zodiac sign of Mars is not good for people with Cancer sign. There may be interruptions in the functioning of people with this sign. Mental stress will increase. Will not mind the work. Be careful in property related matters. At the same time, due to Mars, tension can increase in the married life of people with Libra. There is a possibility of interruptions in everyday work. Health problems may also occur. There are chances of taking loan. At the same time, the plans of Sagittarius people can remain incomplete. There are chances of traveling to distant places. There may also be expenses in such trips. You will hardly get the fruits of hard work. Apart from these people with Pisces will also have to be careful. People left with this amount can spend money. Anything said in anger can cause harm. Secret things may be revealed. Even luck will not be available.

Mixed fruit: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo and Capricorn Mars will change their zodiac sign to give mixed results to people with Aries. People of this zodiac may have to work hard in their daily activities. But you will also get the benefit of hard work. Travel totals are being made for people with Taurus. Mars will cause health problems but enemies can also win. Loan related work can be completed. With the influence of Mars, people with Gemini sign can complete their plans. Wealth is becoming the sum of profit. But hard work will increase and there may be interruptions in work. People with Leo sign will get the benefit of hard work. Stalled property related work can be completed. But expenses and running can also increase. People with Virgo zodiac have to speak thoughtfully. Secrets of the kingdom can be revealed. But there can be benefit in property related matters. Wealth of profit is also being made. The cost of people with Capricorn can increase. Workers and people doing business can increase their hard work. Stalled property related works are also expected to be completed.