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Meen Rashifal 2021, Yearly Horoscope 2021, Pisces Love, Health, Career, Business, Meen Rashifal in Hindi, Video: Annual Pisces Horoscope: Year 2021 will be auspicious for Pisces people. At the beginning of the year, Lord Ascendant, Saturn, will be sitting with the Guru in a benefic sense. According to the year horoscope, in the horoscope of Pisces in the new year, Mars in the Aries sign in the zodiac sign, Rahu in the third house, Moon in the fifth house, Venus and Ketu in the house of luck, Sun and Mercury in the tenth house indicate signs of luck growth. Are giving Come, let us know that Jyotirvid, the divine Dr. Shripati Tripathi ji is telling how the year 2021 is going to be for the Pisces people.