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Mercury transit in aries, budh ka rashi parivartan, effects of mercury on all 12 zodiac sign | बुध ने बदली राशि, इस ग्रह के लिए हरे मूंग का दान करें और गणेशजी को दूर्वा चढ़ाएं

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  • Mercury entered into Aries, will remain in this zodiac till 30th April

On the night of Friday, April 16, the planet Mercury has entered Aries from Pisces. Now this planet will remain in Aries zodiac till 30th April. There are also almanac differences regarding the date of the planet’s zodiac change. According to Ujjain’s astrologer Pt Manish Sharma, some zodiac signs may increase due to Mercury.

To remove the inauspicious effects of the planet Mercury, donate green moong to needy people every Wednesday. Offer 21 knots of Durva to Ganesha. Chant the mantra of the planet Mercury, Un Bran Bri Bran: Budhay Namah, at least 108 times. Mantra should be chanted every Wednesday. Green grass should be donated in a cowshed. Mercury planet is the god of intelligence, after this zodiac change, keep special vigilance while doing work related to the intellect.

What will be the effect of Mercury on the zodiac signs?

Mercury is in good condition for people of Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Thoughtful tasks will be completed. The mind will be happy with the speed in the stuck work. Any big success can be achieved. The people of Aries, Leo, Libra, Dhanu and Aquarius will get more work as they do. By sitting on luck, the work will not be completed, so keep moving forward. People with Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn have to be extra vigilant. Even small negligence can cause great harm. Proceed only with guidance from expert people.

Mercury is considered the crown prince of the nine planets. Mercury god is considered to be Chandra’s son, but this planet considers Chandra as an enemy. This planet is the lord of Gemini and Virgo zodiac. The auspicious and inauspicious position of this planet in the horoscope has an effect on our intelligence and on our work related to education. This planet also affects business.

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