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Mercury transit in scorpio, budh ka rashi parivartan, budh vrishchik rashi me, budh ka rashifal, mercury in scorpio | बुध ने बदली राशि, 17 दिसंबर तक ये ग्रह वृश्चिक राशि में रहेगा, किन राशियों को होगा लाभ

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One month ago

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  • Worship Ganesha every Wednesday to reduce the inauspicious effects of Mercury.

On Saturday, November 28, Mercury has entered Scorpio from Libra. Mars is the lord of Scorpio. The position of Mercury is not good in this sign. To reduce the inauspicious effects of Mercury, Lord Ganesha should be worshiped every Wednesday. According to Pt. Manish Sharma, the astrologer of Ujjain, this planet will remain in this zodiac till December 17. After this Sagittarius will enter the zodiac sign.

Know from Pt. Sharma how the Mercury of Scorpio zodiac is going to affect all the 12 zodiac signs…

Aries– Mercury can cause difficulties in daily life. Additional efforts will have to be made. Pay attention to speech. Be careful. Avoid disappointment.

Taurus– Mercury will not have much effect on this sign. Their life will continue as before. The harder you work, the more you gain. One can get success in thoughtful work.

Gemini– Mercury will give auspicious results. Time will be on your side. A favorable environment will remain. Enemies will prevail. Family happiness will be achieved. Health has to be taken care of.

Cancer– Mercury will be very important for you. All work will be completed on time. Your influence will increase. You will get success in government related work. Money will benefit.

Lion– Mercury will increase unnecessary worries. There are chances of getting loss from a place of profit. Take extra care. Avoid disputes.

Virgo Mercury will give success. The mind will be happy to create new works. Will be able to remove all problems. Money and property can also benefit.

Libra- Time will be good because of Mercury. Along with success in the works, you can also get good news from relatives. The economic situation will start to strengthen.

Scorpio– Mercury will remain in this zodiac and this time will be beneficial. You can get promotion in job also. At the same time, new tasks will also be gained and domination may increase.

Sagittarius Mercury can cause some problems. There may also be obstacles in economic matters. Be careful while investing. Avoid making risky decisions.

Capricorn– Mercury will be in the best position for you. Work may increase. Will meet an eminent person. There will be cooperation from the brothers and sisters. Work on being careful.

Aquarius– You can get benefit due to Mercury. There will be an increase in confidence and help in carrying on the stuck work. New avenues will be found in the works.

Pisces– Mercury will easily complete the tasks. There may be some mangical work in the family. Financial condition will also be good. Time will also be good for students.