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Motivational quotes about success and happiness, tips to get success, peace of mind, prerak prasang | सुख-शांति चाहते हैं तो दूसरों की बुराई पर नहीं, अच्छाई पर ध्यान देना चाहिए

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4 hours ago

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  • One person was always restless, he asked God to show some way to bring peace in my life

In olden times, a person was jealous after seeing the happiness of his neighbors. He used to do evil to everyone around. He was always turbulent because of his habit of doing evil to others. Due to this habit, the people of the village also did not talk to him properly.

One day he reached the temple of the village and started praying to God. He was also constantly cursing God as to why he does not get amenities. When God appeared, the disturbed person asked God to tell me a way to make my life happy and my mind calm.

The person said that I also want to be successful, I also want amenities, I want everyone to praise me. God revealed two bags. Giving both the bags to the person said that one bag contains the evils of your neighbors and the other bag contains your evils.

You have to carry the bag carrying the neighbor’s evils on your back and you have to carry the bag with your evils in front of you. Keep watching your evils again and again. If you do this, you will be happy.

The man picked up both bags, but he made a mistake. He hangs his bag of evils on the back and hangs the bag of neighbors’ evils.

Now the person came out with both bags of evils and saw the evils of the neighbor himself and others. He kept his own evils behind.

What God had said, he started going upside down, because the person had turned the opposite of what God had said. More misery and unrest increased in his life. That person started getting more upset. When he reached the same temple again, God appeared. The person said to God that now the troubles in my life have increased even more.

God said that you have hung your evils on the back and have caught the evils of others. Your own evils hang on the back, because of this they are not visible, if the evils of others are ahead, then your entire attention is on the evils of others. This is why life has become turbulent. I said that you have to hang your evils ahead and others’ evils behind. That is, keep watching your evils and try to rectify them. Hanging behind the evils of others means that you do not have to pay attention to the shortcomings of others. Pay attention to the goodness of others and if you keep trying to cure your evils, happiness and peace will come in your life too.