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motivational quotes of chanakya, chanakya nities in hindi, quotes of chanakya in hindi, inspirational quotes of chanakya | आयु, कर्म, धन, विद्या और मृत्यु का समय, ये पांचों बातें विधाता तब ही लिख देते हैं, जब जीव गर्भ में रहता है

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19 days ago

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  • By following Chanakya’s policies, there is happiness and peace in our lives and all work can be completed.

Acharya Chanakya has given the formula to make life happy and successful in his ethics. Chanakya was born in Pataliputra around 375 BC. At that time India was divided into many states. Chanakya united all the states and made India a united country with his policies. Chandragupta made Morya the first emperor of unbroken India and himself held the post of General Secretary. Earlier, Chanakya was the professor of economics and politics in Taxila. He died in 283 BC.

Know some special policies of Chanakya policy…