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2 month ago

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  • Health is considered to be the biggest wealth, only then can we enjoy happiness

Mahatma Buddha has described health as the biggest asset. He has said in his discourses that in order to bring happiness in the family, to get peace of mind, one must first discipline oneself. Mind should be controlled. Only after the mind is controlled can the path of enlightenment be found. All knowledge and qualities will come to us only when our body is healthy.

If the body itself is not healthy then nothing has any value. Know some inspiring ideas related to health …

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When people praise you, find falsehood in it, if criticize, seek truth in it.

It is different to accept or not follow the advice given by the life partner, but never make fun of his advice

Confusion not only weakens you, but can also cause defeat

The first lesson in life management, before saying anything, it is important to understand who is the hearer.