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motivational story about anger, anger management story, how to control anger, sant tukaram story | एक ही समय पर दो लोग एक साथ गुस्सा हो जाते हैं तो बात बहुत ज्यादा बिगड़ जाती है

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One month ago

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  • A person was jealous of Saint Tukaram, one day he insulted Tukaram, but the saint gave the message of tolerance

Anger is an evil that can cause relationships to break, friendship can break, and good things can get worse at the last stop. To avoid this, it is very important to have tolerance. There is a legend associated with Saint Tukaram in this regard. Know this story …

Sant Tukaram was quite famous because of his teachings. He used to give lectures daily in his house. Many people used to come to listen to the discourse. All highly respected Tukaram, but one of his neighbors was jealous of him. That neighbor also used to come everyday to listen to the sermon and used to look for an opportunity to humiliate Tukaram.

One day Tukaram’s buffalo went to the same neighbor’s farm. When the neighbor came to know about this, he angrily reached the house of Sant Tukaram and started abusing him. But Tukaram kept quiet.

The neighbor became more angry when the saint did not respond to the abuses. He raised a stick lying there and killed Sant Tukaram. Even after this, the saints kept quiet and kept tolerating.

When the neighbor got tired of screaming, he went to his house. The next day Sant Tukaram was giving a lecture. Then he noticed that his neighbor had not come to listen to the sermon. They immediately reached his home. The saint told the neighbor to forgive me for the loss you have caused to my buffalo. You come to listen to the discourse every day, please go to the discourse even today.

Seeing Tukaram’s tolerance and humble nature, the neighbor grabbed the saint’s feet and started apologizing. The saint picked up and hugged the neighbor. The neighbor understood that Saint Tukaram is a great saint.

Life management

Anger can ruin everything. If two people get angry at the same time, big problems can arise. If a person is angry then we should face the situation with tolerance.