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Motivational story about devotion, importance of concentration, prerak prasang, inspirational story | भक्ति में मन उन्हीं लोगों का लग पाता है, जो अपने परिवार से निस्वार्थ प्रेम करते हैं

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  • One person was very sad, he told a saint to make me his disciple, the whole world is very selfish, I want to do devotion

In the old times, there were frequent debates in a person’s family. Was very sad about this. Being fed up, he thought one day that I should retire now.

The person left the house and left everything without telling anyone. He saw an ashram in the forest. When he reached the ashram, he saw that a saint was sitting under a tree and meditating. The unhappy man sat in front of the saint and waited for his meditation to end.

When the saint’s attention was fulfilled and he opened his eyes, the person told the saint that Gurudev should take me to his shelter. I want to be your disciple. I have left everything and come to do devotion to God. The saint asked him that you love someone in your house?

The person said no, I do not love anyone in my family. The saint said that you do not have love for any of your parents, siblings, wife and children.

The person replied to the saint that this whole world is selfish. I do not love anyone in my family. I have no love for anyone, that’s why I want to leave everything and retire.

The saint said brother, forgive me. I cannot make you disciples, I cannot calm your restless mind. The person was surprised to hear this.

The saint said that if you had a little affection for your family, then I could increase it further, if you loved your parents, then I could extend this love and devote you in devotion to God, but your mind is very hard. is. A small seed becomes a huge tree, but there is no feeling in your mind. How can I make a waterfall flow with a stone?

Life management

Those who love their family, respect their parents, only those people can do devotion with full concentration.

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