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motivational story about happiness and success, inspirational story for peace of mind, story of king and sant, prerak prasang | घमंड की वजह से दूसरे सभी गुणों का महत्व हो जाता है कम, इस बुराई से सबकुछ बर्बाद हो सकता है

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  • Motivational Story About Happiness And Success, Inspirational Story For Peace Of Mind, Story Of King And Sant, Prerak Prasang

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2 days ago

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  • A saint asked the king to give me whatever he considers most valuable, the king filled the saint’s kamandal with gold coins.

A saint always roamed around and inspired people to do religious work. While wandering, they reached a kingdom where the kings were very wealthy and religious. But, he was very proud of his power and wealth.

The saints stayed in that king’s kingdom. In a few days, many people from the state started reaching the saint. The saints used to tell the solution of people’s problems with their experience. A crowd of people started listening to his sermons. When the king came to know about this, he invited the saint to his palace for a meal.

The saint reached the king’s palace. The king greeted the saint very well. Served food myself. When the saint started going after eating, the king said that Gurudev, I want to give you something. You can ask me anything according to your wish. I can fulfill your every wish. I am the king and nothing is impossible for me.

The saints understood that the king was very proud of his wealth and power. He said, Rajan, donate your most beloved thing to me.

The king did not understand what he would donate to the saint. He filled the saint’s coil with gold coins. The saint said that Rajan I do not want money. I do not covet money. You give me your ego. Pride is such an evil, that the importance of all our qualities is gone. Because of this evil, all your qualities also become insignificant. The king should avoid arrogance. Whatever wealth and property you have, your subjects also have the right. Because, for the king, the happiness of his subjects is paramount. Serve your subjects selflessly, only then will the king’s religion be fulfilled. The king understood the point of the saint and vowed to leave the arrogance.