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2 month ago

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  • The king told the saint that I have everything for happiness, I am the happiest person in the world

Seeing the comfort and convenience of a person, it cannot be inferred whether his life is happy or not. There are many people who have all the comforts, but their mind remains turbulent. A folk tale prevails in this regard. Know this story …

In the old times, a king had all the means of convenience, large kingdom, immense wealth, huge army. The king was very proud of these things. One day a saint arrived in his kingdom. Many people used to reach to hear the sermons of the saint. Slowly the fame of the saint started increasing.

After a few days, a large number of people started to hear the sermons of the saint. When the king came to know about this, the king invited the saint to his court. Many dishes were made for the saint. There was proper respect.

After the meal, when the saint started returning to his hut, the king said to the saint, Gurudev I have everything for happiness, wealth. I am the happiest in this world. If you want, I can also provide you all this happiness. You can ask me whatever you want.

The saint told the king that Rajan, I am satisfied with my life. Because, my needs are very less, my mind is calm and I don’t need anything. In the same way, the happiest in the world can be called the one whose last time is also happy.

On hearing these things of the saint, the king became angry and asked the saint to leave the palace. The saints also reached their hut remembering the Lord. A few days later, the king’s enemies attacked the kingdom.

The king’s army was defeated in battle. The opposing army took the king captive. Now preparations were made to give death penalty to the king. Seeing all this, the king remembered the saint’s point that the person whose last time is happy is called happy.

That saint also reached there. The opposing kings respected the saint very much. Seeing the saint, the captive king fell at his feet and he said that you had rightly said, the one who ends up happy can be called happy. Now my ego is broken.

The saint raised the king and requested his rival king to release him. The second king obeyed the saint and freed the captive king.

Context learning

The lesson of this story is that a human cannot be happy just because of material comforts. For this, it is necessary to calm the mind. Only satisfied people can remain happy and calm in life.

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