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motivational story about happiness, significance of good habit, it can change our negative thinking, positivity is necessary for a happy life | एक छोटी सी अच्छी आदत हमारी नकारात्मक सोच को बदल सकती है, सुखी जीवन के लिए सकारात्मक जरूरी है

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  • Motivational Story About Happiness, Significance Of Good Habit, It Can Change Our Negative Thinking, Positivity Is Necessary For A Happy Life

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2 days ago

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  • A person always kept his house dirty, one day his friend came and gifted him a bouquet, after which his thinking changed

Due to bad habits, any good time can change into bad time. In the same way, bad times can be replaced by good habits. A folk tale prevails in this regard.

A person was very poor and lazy and his thinking was also negative. He used to keep his house dirty. One day his friend came. That friend was very rich. The friend of the poor person noticed that the condition of the house is very bad, the house is very dirty.

The poor man had given the chair to sit on by his friend, but the dust had also accumulated on it. The rich man said that why do you keep your house so dirty? The poor replied that cleaning the house does not help, it gets dirty again in a few days.

The rich man very much explained to him that the house should be kept clean, but he did not agree. While leaving, the rich man gifted a very beautiful bouquet to the poor friend.

The poor person put the bouquet on the cupboard. After this, whenever a person comes to that poor’s house, he would see a beautiful bouquet, they would say that the bouquet is very beautiful, but the house is so dirty. After hearing the same thing again and again, the poor thought that I clean this cupboard, he cleaned the cupboard.

After this, the people coming home started saying that the bouquet is very beautiful, the cupboard is also clean, but the whole house is dirty. Hearing these things, the poor person also cleaned the wall and place near the cupboard. Now everyone who came to his house preferred to sit in the same corner, because there was cleanliness.

The poor man one day cleaned the whole house in anger and got the walls painted. Gradually, his thinking started changing. Now he started living cleanly. He also got work. Within a few days his thinking changed.