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motivational story about love and happiness, significance of love in family, family management tips about love | जहां सभी लोग प्रेम से रहते हैं, वहां सुख, शांति के साथ ही सफलता भी रहती है

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20 days ago

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  • Three saints explained to woman the importance of love, life cannot be successful without love

Happiness, peace and success in life can be achieved only when love remains in our home. If there are debates in the family, then the person’s mind is not able to do any work. Due to this there is a possibility of deteriorating the work. The importance of love can be understood from a folk tale. Know this folk tale …

According to legend, in the olden times three saints traveled together. They are living by begging. They reached a village and started living in a small hut. One day when they were begging in the village. Then a woman invited him for a meal. The saints asked her that your husband is in the house?

The woman said no, they are on the farm right now. Then the saints said that when your husband comes, then we will come for food. In the evening the woman’s husband returned from the farm. His daughter also returned after playing. The woman told the saints about her husband and child. The husband also said yes to the saints for food.

The woman rushed to his hut to call the three saints. The saints said that the three of us do not go to anyone’s house together. Our name is wealth, success and love. Ask your husband and tell, which of the three of us would you like to call home?

The woman returned home and told the husband the whole thing. The husband said that we should call the money to our house. By doing this, we will become rich.

The woman wanted to call it a success. Then his daughter said that we should call Prem home. There is nothing in the world more than love. The husband and wife agreed to the daughter. The woman went to the saints and invited Prem to his house for a meal.

A saint named Prem walked with the woman. Then only saints named wealth and success followed him. The lady said that you had said that only one person would come to our house. Why are all three of you coming now?

The saints said that if you invited money or success, only one would come to your house, but you have invited love. Where love lives, wealth and success come automatically. That’s why all three of us are coming to your house.


The lesson of this story is that we should maintain love in the family. If there is love at home, chances of getting success in work along with happiness and peace are increased significantly.