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One month ago

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  • A person said to Buddha that I want to know the answers to some questions from you, Buddha said that for the first time keep silence

Many types of questions keep going in the turbulent times. Until the answers to these questions are found, the mind does not get peace. The most accurate way to calm the mind is to practice silence. In this connection, a motivational episode of Gautama Buddha is prevalent. Know this topic …

Story One day a person arrived to meet Gautama Buddha. The man said to Buddha that I want to ask you some questions. Please answer my questions.

Buddha saw that the person looked very disturbed. He said that I will answer all your questions, but you have to keep silence for a year. After that, you can ask whatever you want to ask. I am sure of my point, after one year you will definitely get answers to all the questions.

The person obeyed the Buddha and took a silent vow. Now he remained silent the whole time. Within a few days, due to silence, he started meditating. His mind started to calm down.

Silence and meditation caused all his questions to end. A year passed like this. Now he was feeling very calm and happy. At the end of the time, the Buddha told the person that I had asked you to ask questions after one year, today one year has been completed. Now you can ask me all your questions.

Hearing this, the person was pleased and said that today I have no question to ask you.

Buddha said to the person that when you came here, your mind was disturbed. When a person’s mind is not calm, questions keep arising in his mind. A restless mind causes troubles. We have two states of mind. One has questions and the other has answers. Due to silence our mind reaches another state, where our questions are over and we have answers only.