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21 days ago

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  • A disciple had fallen into a deep ditch, when he grabbed a bamboo, the bamboo was twisted by weight, but not broken, then the Guru explained the formula of happy life

Happiness and happiness keeps on coming in life. Whenever the situation is opposite, we should not give up humility. Some people get frustrated in bad times, temperament tends to increase in nature. Such situations should be avoided. A folk tale prevails in this regard. Know this story …

According to a folk tale, in the olden times, the Guru was traveling with his disciple. They had to cross the hills during the journey. There was also a deep moat on the way. Suddenly the disciple’s foot slipped and he started falling towards the ditch. Then he caught a bamboo.

The bamboo was twisted like a bow because of the weight of the disciple. However, bamboo is not broken. The Guru was trying to save the hanging disciple. Somehow the Guru took the disciple’s hand and took him out.

After exiting, the Guru and the disciple proceeded on their way. The Guru told the disciple that did you hear what Bamboo had said?

The disciple said no Guruji, I did not pay attention. I do not even know the language of plants and plants. Just tell me what Bamboo said.

Guru said that bamboo has given us an important formula for a happy life. Bamboo saved you while you were falling into the abyss. He was bent, but not broken.

Many bamboo plants were growing in that way. The Guru grabbed a bamboo and pulled it down and left again. The bamboo became straight again.

The Guru told the disciple that we should remove this flexibility of bamboo in our nature also. When a strong wind blows and storms come, the bamboo is humble and bends completely and does not crumble even in strong wind. Maintains its grip firmly in the ground. Similarly, we should also maintain humility in our nature.

Whenever the opposite happens in life, avoid anger and do not give up the virtue of humility. Wait for the right time and when everything goes well, we should reach our place again.