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22 minutes ago

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  • His opponent was abusing a saint in front of the devotees, it was from noon to evening, but the anger of the opponent was not calm, the devotees were wondering how the saint would calm it?

In ancient times, a saint was very calm. He was well-known for his knowledge and quiet nature. Many people used to reach his ashram to hear his sermons.

The number of devotees of the saint was quite high, but some people also considered the saint as their enemy. Opponents of the saint used to wait for this opportunity to somehow humiliate this saint.

One day the saints were preaching. Many people were sitting there listening to him. It was noon, then, when an opponent of the saint reached there. The opponent said that you are hypocritical. The innocent people are confusing the people. The saint closed his sermon and calmly listened to him.

Seeing the saint calm, the antagonist’s anger increased. He started abusing. Humiliated, but the saint was calm. The people there were wondering how the saints would react, how to deal with this adversary?

It was noon to evening, but the anger of the opponent did not calm down. All the devotees were also sitting and the saints were also listening to him. When it started getting dark, that opponent’s anger subsided a bit. He was very tired while speaking. When he started going, the saint asked one of his disciples to take a lantern with these monsieurs, and leave them at home. Take care not to get hurt anywhere due to darkness on the way.

The saint’s opponent was surprised on hearing this. He understood that these saints are very good people. He immediately apologized to the saint for what he had done and he also became his devotee.

Story lessons The best way to win opponents is to remain calm in front of them. If they answer their words peacefully, then the opponents will definitely realize their mistake.

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