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motivational story about positive thinking, importance of hard work, inspirational story about hard work, prerak prasang | मेहनत करने वाले लोग अंधविश्वास के चक्कर में नहीं फंसते, कर्म करने वालों के लिए हर दिन शुभ है

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2 month ago

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  • A king used to trust the astrologer very much, he did not do any work without seeing a muhurat.

Those who work hard, who have faith in their deeds, do not get caught in the rounds of superstition. It is auspicious for such people every day, all the time. A folk tale prevails in this regard. The story is of a king who blindly believed the astrologer.

The king used to do everything from getting up in the morning to sleeping at night, seeing the Muhurta. His astrologer used to take advantage of this and kept looting money from the king. State ministers were also upset due to this. One day the king and astrologer were visiting the kingdom. On the way, he was seen with peasant bulls.

The astrologer told the farmer that you are going in the same direction as the fool today. Go back, otherwise your loss will be there.

The farmer said that Guruji, I am a normal farmer. I do not know the direction and my field is in this direction. I go there every day. If something bad had to happen, when would it have happened?

Hearing this, the astrologer could not understand what he said. Then thinking a little, he said that you think that some line of your hand is very strong, because of this you get benefit. Show me your hand

The farmer extended his hand towards the astrologer, but kept the palm down. The astrologer said irritatingly that the foolish palm is seen from above. You don’t even know that much. The king was watching all this.

The farmer said that Guruji, till date I have not spread my hands in front of anyone, nor do I believe in palmistry, astrology. I trust my hard work. He only trusts the good and inauspicious things of astrology, who do not trust their deeds. The one who is karmaless gets trapped in the circle of superstition.

Hearing these things, the king’s intellect woke up. He understood that he too is trapped in the circle of superstition. After this incident, the king also started relying on karma and survived the astrologer’s affair.

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