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23 days ago

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  • There used to be quarrels in a person’s house every day, one day he reached the saint to retire.

Only those whose devotion is calm and who are patient are able to do devotion. Without these qualities, it is very difficult to do devotion. A folk tale prevails in this regard.

According to the legend, a person used to get angry in old times. He also lacked patience. At home, he used to grieve over small things. Everyday there were debates in the house, one day, sadly, he walked towards the forest.

A saint was living as a hut in the forest. The person reached the saint and said, Guruji, make me your disciple. I want to retire I want to leave my home and family everything and do devotion now.

The saint asked him that first you should say that do you love anyone in your house? The person said no, I do not love anyone in my family. In my house, there are quarrels over talk. Nobody believes me.

The saint said that you do not have any attachment with your parents, siblings, wife and children.

The person said that Guruji all the people in my house are selfish. I have no love for anyone, that’s why I want to leave everything and retire.

The saint said that you forgive me. I can not make you a monk. Your mind is disturbed, you are angry, you do not have patience, a monk can become one who does not have these evils. I can not calm your restless mind.

The saint further said that if you had a little affection for your family, then I could increase it further, if you loved your parents, then I could extend this love and devote you in devotion to God, but with anger Because of this your mind has become very hard. A small seed becomes a huge tree, but there is no sense of love and patience in your mind.

The person understood the words of the saint. He vows that from now on he will not get angry and will work patiently. After this he returned to his family. Due to the changed nature, everything should be fine in his family and his mind also started in devotion.