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Motivational story about satisfaction, we should satisfied with the things that we have, prerak prasang, inspirational story | असंतुष्ट व्यक्ति हमेशा दुखी और अशांत रहता है, सुखी रहना चाहते हैं तो जो चीजें हैं, उनसे संतुष्ट रहें

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  • Motivational Story About Satisfaction, We Should Satisfied With The Things That We Have, Prerak Prasang, Inspirational Story

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2 hours ago

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  • A king was arrogant, he told a saint that I can fulfill all your wishes, whatever you ask for, the saint asked to fill a small pot with gold coins.

In the past, a king was very arrogant. When his birthday came, he thought that today I will fulfill all the wishes of any one person. A grand event took place in the court. Praja reached the king’s birthday. A saint also reached there.

The saint wished the king all the best. The king told the saint that today I want to fulfill all your wishes. You can ask me anything. I am the king and nothing is impossible for me. The saint said to the king, Maharaj, I don’t want anything. I am happy just like that.

The king again told the saint that you should show wishes, I will definitely fulfill them. When the king was insistent, the saint said, “Okay, Rajan, fill this little pot of mine with gold coins.”

The king said that this is a very small work. I just fill it up. As soon as the king put the gold coins he had with him, all the coins disappeared. The king was surprised to see this.

The king summoned his treasurer and asked for gold coins from the treasury. As the king was putting coins in that vessel, they were all disappearing. Gradually, the king’s treasury began to be empty, but the vessel was not filled.

The king started thinking that this is some magical pot. For this reason, it is unable to be filled. The king asked the saint, please tell us the secret of this vessel? Why is it not filling?

The saint said that Maharaj, this vessel is a symbol of our mind. Just as our mind never fills with money, position and knowledge, in the same way this character can also never be filled.

No matter how much money comes to us, no matter how much knowledge we get, conquer the whole world, still some desires of the mind remain. Our mind is not made to fill with these things. Unless we do devotion, it remains empty. Our desires are infinite, they will never be fulfilled. That is why you should be happy in the situation you are in. The formula of a happy life is to be satisfied. Do not boast and one should concentrate in devotion to God.

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