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3 hours ago

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  • If a king wanders in the way in the forest, the forest dwellers help, the king gifted the forest dweller a sandalwood garden

In ancient times, a king was a very courageous and efficient ruler. From time to time, he used to go alone for hunting in the jungle for recreation. One day when he went on such a hunt, he lost his way in the forest. He forgot the way back to his kingdom.

It was morning to evening, but he could not find the way. The condition started getting worse due to hunger and thirst.

After sunset, the king saw a hut. When the king went there he saw that there was a forest dweller in the hut. The king asked for food and water from him. The forest dweller paid his respects to the king.

The king was very happy with this hospitality and told the forest dweller that we are the king of this state and happy with your hospitality, that’s why we give you the sandalwood garden. The forest dweller told the king the way to reach the palace. The next day the forest dweller also reached the palace and the king asked his minister to give a sandalwood garden to the forest dweller. On the king’s orders, the forest dweller got a sandalwood garden. He was ignorant about sandalwood. He was not aware of the qualities of sandalwood and its importance.

The forest dweller used to burn sandalwood and make coal from it and sell it in the coal market. Gradually all the sandalwood trees in the garden were gone. The forest dweller also cut down the last tree. It started raining before he burnt wood to make coal. Then he thought that today I only sell wood.

When the forest dweller went to the market with sandalwood, the smell of sandalwood spread in the market. All the wood of the forest dweller were sold at a very high price. The forest dweller was surprised to see this, he thought that I had sold this valuable wood by burning coal by burning it, whereas much money could be obtained from it. The forest dweller understood how much he had done himself due to ignorance.

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