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Motivational story about success and happiness, inspirational story of guru and sant, we should think positive always | हालात कैसे भी हों, हर हाल में सकारात्मक सोचना चाहिए, तभी जीवन में शांति बनी रहती है

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  • Motivational Story About Success And Happiness, Inspirational Story Of Guru And Sant, We Should Think Positive Always

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10 days ago

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  • When the cow came to charity in Guru’s ashram, everyone started getting fresh milk, later that cow went away and all the disciples got frustrated.

You should avoid disappointment and keep your thinking positive. This is necessary for a happy and successful life. People who start thinking negatively in bad conditions, the problems in their life start growing more. Be patient to avoid bad times and avoid negativity.

Patience and positive thinking can remove bad times from bad. This thing applies to every person. A folk tale prevails in this regard. According to the legend, in ancient times a saint was very famous in his region. The saints used to solve all the problems with their intelligence. The people of the village used to come to hear the sermon of the saint every day. Many disciples were gaining knowledge of religion in his ashram.

One day a devotee of the saint reached the ashram and donated the cow. All the disciples became very happy after seeing the cow. The disciples thought that now we will get to drink fresh milk every day. When the disciples told this to their guru, the teacher said, “Come on, it’s good.” Now everyone will get drinking milk. ‘

The saint and his disciples continued to drink milk for a few days. But one day that donor came to take back his cow. The saint returned her cow. All the disciples became sad after seeing this.

The Guru said, ‘There is no need to be disappointed. Now we no longer have to clean cow dung and dirt. This will save our time and we will be able to meditate and meditate for a long time. All the disciples will also be able to do their teaching properly. ‘

The disciples asked, ‘Guruji, you are not sad that we will not get fresh milk anymore.

Guru said, ‘We should maintain positive thinking in every situation. This is the secret of a happy and successful life. If we get frustrated then unrest and misery in life will start increasing.

We were not very happy when we got the cow and we were not disappointed even when we were gone. We were also positive in this. Due to the cow, there was a mess in the ashram, even all the disciples had a lot of time to clean it. Now all the students will get plenty of time to study.

Learning People who find positivity even in bad times are never disturbed and are always happy.