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2 hours ago

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  • The king had one eye and one leg, he told the painters to make my beautiful picture, but not all the painters except one were ready for this work

In ancient times, a king was a very courageous and efficient ruler. The subjects of his kingdom were happy because of the king. However, the king had two shortcomings. He did not have one eye and one leg. He used to walk with the help of sticks. One day while walking, he saw a blank wall in the palace. He thought that there should be a beautiful picture of me here.

The king told his ministers to call all the painters of the kingdom and ask me to draw them. The ministers summoned all the painters of the state and stated the will of the king. But, all the painters were thinking that the king does not have one eye and one leg, how can such a beautiful picture be made. If the king gets angry he will give the death penalty. That is why all the painters refused to make some excuse or left the palace. However, a painter stood there.

The king asked him if you could make a beautiful picture of me? The painter said yes and said that I will make a very beautiful picture of you in a few days. The king made complete arrangements for the painter. Now that artist got his work done. In a few days he made a portrait of the king.

All the people of the state wanted to see how this painter made a beautiful portrait of the king. Everyone was surprised when the picture was put in front of everyone. Because the picture was really beautiful. The painter had shown the king sitting on a horse from one side, the king was closing his eyes and aiming with a bow and arrow. In this way the weakness of one eye and one leg of the king was hidden.

The king was very happy to see the picture and presented the painter a lot of money and many gifts.

Learning The lesson of this story is that even difficult tasks can be completed easily. We should just keep thinking positive and be patient.