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motivational story about success and happiness, we should remember these tips about money, prerak katha | धन के मामले में संतुलन बनाए रखें, कंजूसी करने से या जरूरत से ज्यादा खर्च करने से परेशानियां बढ़ती ही हैं

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  • There were two brothers, the elder brother was very stingy and the younger one used to spend extravagantly, the saint explained to him the importance of balance in life

In olden times a man had two sons. The elder son was very stingy. He did not spend at all. Whereas, the second son used to spend too much. Due to such a bizarre nature of both sons, the father was always unhappy. One day the unhappy person reached his guru and told the whole problem.

The saint said to the unhappy person that you should send your sons to me, I will explain them. The next day the father sent both sons to the saint.

The saint seated the two brothers nearby and closed both palms of his hands and made a fist. The saint asked, tell me, how would it feel if my hands were always like this? Both brothers said that it looks as if you have a disease.

The saint opened both the palms and asked, how would it feel if my hands were always open?

The brothers said that in this situation also you will feel that you have a disease.

The saint said that is absolutely right. Always keeping the fist closed or keeping the palms open is like a disease. In the same way, if we always skimp, keep fist closed in spite of money, then we will remain poor. If we keep the palms open, that is, we will spend money, then our money will end and we will become poor. That is why balance should be maintained in life. Spend where needed, and do not spend where there is no need. Make a balance in terms of money. Only then can life be happy.