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One month ago

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  • The disciple used to make good toys from the guru, because of this the disciple had arrogance, the guru explained that the ability to do this does not shine

Some disciples start doing good work with the Guru, they become proud of this and they stop appreciating the Guru’s advice. While this should not be done. A folk tale prevails in this regard. Story- In the olden days, both the Guru and the disciple used to make and sell toys and the money they got was going on with their lives. Under the guidance of the Guru, the disciple started making very good toys and his toys used to get more money.

Guru’s toys were sold at an average price. However, Guru used to say this daily to the disciple that your toy needs cleaning. The Guru used to give this advice every day. A few days later, the Guru’s advice to the disciple started to feel bad.

The disciple started thinking that my toys are sold better than Guruji’s toys, probably because of this Guruji is jealous. That is why they are giving me advice every day.

One day the disciple became angry after being fed by the Guru’s advice. The disciple said to Guru, ‘Guruji, I am making good toys from you, my toys are getting more money, yet you ask me to make good toys. Whereas more than you, you need to improve your work.

The Guru understood that there was pride in the disciple. He said in a slow voice to the disciple, ‘Son, when I was your age, my toys were also sold for more money than my Guru’s toys. One day I too had said the same things to my mentor like you. After that day, the Guru stopped advising me and could not improve my art further. I do not want the same thing to happen to you.

The Guru did not get angry with the disciple and the things he said in a slow voice, he understood very well. He apologized to the Guru and began to refine his art.

Story lessons

If you want to be perfect in some work, always follow the Guru’s advice. If you have started doing something very good, then do not boast about your art, otherwise the art will not develop and the person will not become a great artist.