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2 month ago

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  • In a village, there were disputes between husband and wife, the saint explained how to maintain love in married life

It is important for a happy married life to maintain a synergy between husband and wife. Debates begin if mutual coordination deteriorates. A folk is prevalent in relation to how to maintain love between husband and wife. Know this folk tale …

In olden times, a person was married in a village. He loved his wife very much. The wife also cared for her husband’s happiness. Both of their lives were moving forward with love. But, as time progressed, the coordination between them began to deteriorate. Sometimes there were fights between the two.

The husband and wife were fed up with the daily disturbance. There was love between the two, but their anger, old talk and ego were dominating the relationship. One day a scholar saint from his village arrived. The husband and wife also came to hear the sermon of the saint. Impressed by the saint’s words, the husband and wife invited him to his house for dinner.

The next day the saint arrived at their house to eat. The husband and wife fed them food. During this time, the saints understood that there was disturbance in their married life. The saint raised a lotus of water after eating food and asked how long we can keep this lotus up.

The husband and wife said that they can take it comfortably for some time. But, after some time, there will be pain in the hands. The saint said that just as we cannot raise the lotus for a long time, in the same way if we are stuck on a problem or on one thing for a long time, it increases the tension in our life.

If there are some problems in marital life, they should be resolved quickly. If you stay on any problem for a long time, life will become hell. Let go of bad things and move forward. Only after taking care of these things, there remains happiness, peace and love in life.

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