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40 minutes ago

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  • When a boy asked the saint how success was achieved, the saint took the boy to the river bank and started immersing him in the water.

In ancient times, a saint was a great scholar and he had no shortage of money either. People from far and wide used to bring their problems to them and they used to tell their solution.

In his village, a boy worked very hard, but he was not getting success. One day he reached out to the saint and said that Guruji, tell me some solution that will eliminate all my problems and I too can become a successful person just like you.

The saint listened to the boy and said that I will tell you a solution. Tomorrow morning you come to meet me on the river bank. The next day the boy woke up early in the morning and reached the river bank. The saints also reached there.

The saint took the boy and reached the middle of the river. Now only the heads of both were out of the water. Suddenly the saint grabbed the boy’s head and started immersing him in the water.

The boy began to dive into the water, as soon as he could, he left the hand of the saint and came out of the river. The saints also came out of the river. The boy said to the saint, you want to kill me. The saint said no, I was explaining the secret of success to you.

The saint asked that when you were immersing in water, then what was the desire to get you the most?

The boy said that I felt the most desire to take a breath while submerging.

The saint said that just like that, success also rules. As long as you do not put your mind and body into any work, you will not get success. No one should get involved in work and should not be distracted by other things. Only then do you get success in work.

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