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On Akshay Navami 23, Tridev is pleased with the worship of Amla tree on this day | अक्षय नवमी 23 को, इस दिन आंवले के पेड़ की पूजा से प्रसन्न होते हैं त्रिदेव

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2 month ago

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  • Amla tree is inhabited by Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and other deities.

Amla Navami fasting Akshaya Punya will be done on 23 November, Monday. On this day, women worship Amla tree as well as Lord Vishnu and Lakshmiji. On this day, worship and fasting are done with the desire for good health, child happiness and prosperity. Though bathing in holy rivers is important in the whole of Kartik month, but bathing on the Navami gives a lasting virtue. On this day, cooking and eating food under the gooseberry tree ends all problems.

Amla tree inhabited by three gods
According to Padmapuran, Amla is the form of Sakshat Vishnu. This is Vishnu’s favorite. By remembering this tree, by offering a heart-to-heart, you get the same fruit as a donkey. Twice touching it and eating its fruit as prasad gives three times the fruit. It is also mentioned in the texts that Lord Vishnu is at its core, Brahma above, Rudra in Skanda, Munigan in branches, God in twigs, Vasu in leaves, Marudgan in flowers and Prajapati in fruits. Therefore, Amla is called Sarvadevayi in the texts.

Worship method

  1. On this day, women should take bath early in the morning and go to the Amla tree and after cleaning around it, offer clean water to the root of the tree.
  2. After this, milk should be offered in the root of the tree. Plated some milk and that soil should be applied on the head.
  3. Worship the tree with worshiping materials and wrap it on its trunk, orbiting raw cotton or molly 8. 108 circumambulation is also done somewhere.
  4. After worshiping, after wishing for the happiness and prosperity of the family and children, sitting under the tree should take food with family and friends.

Women get unbroken good luck with Aonla Puja on Akshay Navami. Worshiping the kumhada or pumpkin gives peace and child growth in the house and also gives a long life. Pt. Mishra said that the tradition of eating Amla in Puranas must have been made so that the heavy food eaten on festivals can be easily digested. Worshiping Lord Radha-Krishna on this date also brings peace, harmony, happiness and descent growth and liberation from the bond of rebirth.
Shri Krishna revolved the three forests on the Akshaya Navami Tithi to reunite the Gwal Baal and Brajwasis in a sutra and awaken the revolution. Mars is influenced by Navami Tithi. This planet is a factor of war and might. Therefore, it was on this date that the war was pledged and shankhanad. The next day Kansa was killed on the Dashami date.