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Pushya Nakshatra Shopping Shubh Muhurat January 2021 | Auspicious Time For Purchase Car Bike Property House Gold Jewellery Ornaments Electronic Tech Gadgets and More | पुष्य योग में होगी नए साल की शुरुआत, जनवरी 2021 में 2 बार बनेगा ये शुभ संयोग

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  • Pushya Nakshatra Shopping Shubh Muhurat January 2021 | Auspicious Time For Purchase Car Bike Property House Gold Jewellery Ornaments Electronic Tech Gadgets And More

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8 days ago

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  • Auspicious time to buy a vehicle on January 1, new work can be started in Pushya Nakshatra

The first day of the new year is going to be auspicious. With this day being Friday, the coincidence of Pushya Nakshatra is becoming. This yoga will start from 7.50 in the evening of 31 December 2020 and will last till the evening of 1 January. The coincidence of Pushya Nakshatra on Guru and Friday will be very auspicious for buying and selling. At the same time, Budhaditya Yoga being formed by the combination of Sun and Mercury planet is making this day more auspicious. Both Pushya and Budhaditya will get success in the work done by yoga. Buying jewelry, property, vehicles and new clothes in Pushya Yoga on the first day of the new year will also be auspicious. Friday’s lord is Venus Dev. They are gods who give happiness and prosperity. Therefore, the first day of the year will be auspicious. A few days ago, on December 15, due to the arrival of the sun in Sagittarius, diseases and business recession are likely to be eradicated. The auspicious effect of which will be seen in the new year.

Addition of Pushya Nakshatra twice in January 2021
On the first day of January 2021, ie, on the 1st of Friday, Pushya Nakshatra is a coincidence of Venus and Pushya. On this day shopping for things related to amenities and luxuries is considered auspicious. On this day, clothes, jewelery and fragrant items should be specially purchased. At the same time, the first Guru Pushya of the year is becoming coincidental with Thursday being the 28th of this month. It is auspicious to do all kinds of shopping on this day.
Guru Pushya gets success in the work done by coincidence. Any auspicious work can be started on this day. It is beneficial to do any business deal in Guru Pushya Yoga. It is said in astrology that both Saturn and Guru have an auspicious effect on this yoga, so long-term beneficial works should be started in this yoga. This sum is also considered very good for property related work and money investment.

Abhijeet Muhurat can work
According to Jyotishacharya Pt Mishra, on the first day of the year, despite the Kharmas in the yoga of Pushya Nakshatra, one can do special work and shopping in Abhijit Muhurta. Buying on this day will be auspicious and give prosperity. Purchases and other auspicious work done in the combination of both Pushya and Abhijeet Muhurta will give positive results.

No ban on shopping in Kharmas, benefit from sun worship
Pt. Mishra informed that Kharmas started from 16 December. That is, Sun God has come in Sagittarius. Therefore, marriages and other demanding works will not be done till 14 January. However, land, houses or vehicles can be purchased in Kharmas.

Shopping is not prohibited in the scriptures during the Malamas. Also any goods / vehicles can be purchased. In these days, shopping related to clothes, jewelery, house, plot or real estate can also be done. Also, worshiping the sun during this period is considered particularly fruitful.