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quotes on Anger and life, we should avoid anger in life, quotes for sharing, life management tips in hindi | गुस्सा करना खुद के पैर पर कुल्हाड़ी मारने जैसा है, क्योंकि हम जिस पर गुस्सा करते हैं, उससे ज्यादा नुकसान खुद का होता है

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3 hours ago

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  • If you start the morning with good thoughts, then all day thinking can be positive.

Those who want to get peace and happiness in life, they should keep their thinking positive. There is neither success nor calm in the work done with negative thinking. Keep in mind that life is neither in the future nor in the past. Life is present. That is why today do such right things, which gives happiness, peace and satisfaction to the mind.

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