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2 month ago

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  • If there is no peace in life, then all the comforts are proved in vain, only peace can be found with satisfaction

There are many people who have everything in comfort, but their mind is not calm. If the mind is disturbed, success is not easily achieved in any work. The main reason for the unrest is a feeling of dissatisfaction. People who are dissatisfied do not get mental peace. Meditating for some time every morning can also bring peace of mind.

Know here some special ideas related to peace, which can be positive results by adopting …

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Confusion not only weakens you, but can also cause defeat

The first lesson in life management, before saying anything, it is important to understand who is the hearer.

When someone praises you, definitely see how much truth is there and how much lies there are.

Today’s Life Mantra: Why single women are insecure in society? Why is female body becoming a victim of attraction, rights and crime?

Karthik month from today – it is the month to live the three special aspects of life completely. Karthik, the five days of Deepawali are the symbols of the five emotions.