Good Morning Images 2022

quotes on success and happiness, motivational quotes in hindi, prerak vichar, life management quotes | जो रिश्ते भावनाओं से बनते हैं, वे कभी टूटते नहीं हैं, जो रिश्ते स्वार्थ की वजह से बनते हैं, वे लंबे समय तक टिकते नहीं हैं

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7 days ago

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  • If you start the day with good thoughts, then positivity prevails throughout the day.

Just as there is definitely morning after night, in the same way when life troubles start increasing a lot, it should be understood that it is going to happen soon in the morning i.e. change is going to happen. One should be patient in difficult times. If you leave patience in bad times, then troubles will not end, but will start growing more.

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