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Rashifal Saptahik Horoscope April 2nd Week 2021: April Weekly Rashifal 2021, Aries Mesh Vrishab Weekly Horoscope, Saptahik Horoscope Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio | 11 से 17 अप्रैल तक 5 राशियों को मिलेगा सितारों का साथ, वृष और वृश्चिक वालों को मिलेंगे तरक्की के मौके

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  • Rashifal Saptahik Horoscope April 2nd Week 2021: April Weekly Rashifal 2021, Aries Mesh Vrishab Weekly Horoscope, Saptahik Horoscope Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio

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  • This week, the combined effects of stars will be on the 7 zodiac signs including Aquarius and Pisces, in many cases will have to be careful

From 11 to 17 April, the Moon will go from Pisces to Gemini. These days planetary position will be good for 5 zodiac signs. Astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi says that this week, promotions and extra income are being made for people with Taurus. Time will be good for Cancerians. For the Virgo zodiac signs, the position of the planets will be beneficial this week. People with Scorpio zodiac sign can get information that gives opportunities and benefits for promotion. People with Capricorn can get new responsibility in the job. Time will be favorable Apart from these, time will be mixed for people with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces.

According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, the fruit of 12 zodiac signs

Aries – positive Plans will be made for auspicious work related to marriage of a member in the house. While doing any important task, do give importance to the advice of senior members of the household. Their blessings and affection will increase your fortune.
Negative – At this time there will be an excess of expenses, so make a budget. According to the children, if they do not get the results, they will be tense, at this time your support is necessary to maintain their morale.
Business – Business activities will remain normal. No high profits are expected right now. But still the economic situation will be fine. They will not be able to pay attention to their personal tasks because of the excess of workload in the job.
Love – You can be concerned about any problem between the husband and wife. But to keep the arrangement of the house proper, it is necessary to maintain mutual harmony.
Health – You will feel tired and weak due to working more than your physical capacity. It is better to complete your tasks with patience and patience.

Taurus – Positive You will be interested in any religious work. You will feel proud of any activity of your child. There will be an excess of expenses, but these expenses will be for some good and future auspicious plans, so do not panic.
Negative Sometimes your skeptical nature can interfere with the actions, try to control this habit. Keep away from any tendency to take any kind of risk for your wish.
Business Government serving persons will receive auspicious information regarding getting their desired authority. In which promotion is also expected. There will also be favorable conditions for additional income in the business.
Love- There may be some disputes with the spouse regarding a family problem. But you will not let it affect your family happiness through your understanding.
Health- The problem of pain in the knees and joints may increase. Protect yourself from the changing weather and also spend some time in exercise and yoga.

Gemini – Positive time is on your side. Try to remove the family grievances that have been going on for some time. This will suit the family environment. It will be beneficial for you to interact with dignitaries. There is also a possibility of some big work being done.
Negative Instead of scolding children for their mistakes, try to explain them with love, this will boost their confidence. Keep your nature simple and sweet. Due to harsh behavior, your image in the society may be affected.
Business Planetary conditions are not very favorable in business activities. So spend time in a peaceful way. While investing money in any work, be sure to consult an experienced person. It would be wrong to follow the plans of others without thinking in sentimentality.
Love- Love will increase in closeness. A good relationship is expected for the unmarried as well.
Health- Health will remain good. By keeping a systematic routine, you can be more healthy and energetic.

Cancer – Positive Time is great Opponents will be defeated in front of your personality. And you will be able to finish your work in the best way. The youth can achieve some great achievement.
Negative Take care of your budget at this time. There may be excessive expenses in any work related to the house. Do not bring negative thoughts in your mind towards anyone. It is very important to have a positive attitude towards life.
Business Work in partnership-related business will continue to go on. Something better can be expected under the present circumstances. This is the best time to collect payment. Keep your focus especially in marketing and media related work.
Love- Husband-wife relations will remain sweet. There may be some anxiety due to the child finding out any negative activity.
Health- Health will remain good. There will be problem of gas and acidity. It can also be liberated by balanced eating.

Leo – Positive Your ability and ability will be revealed to the people openly. Also spend some time in your work related interests, this will give you mental and spiritual peace. The long-term plans that you have made for some time have also come to achieve those goals.
Negative Some problems and problems may arise financially. But in time, you will also solve them. You will get relief by keeping a check on unnecessary family expenses. Stay away from people of negative instinct.
Business Business will increase production capacity. Changing the working system will be positive. An important and big project can also be found in the work related to import-export, so keep trying. But the employed people will be somewhat disturbed by the atmosphere like politics going on in the office.
Love- Spend some time with family members to get relief from the fatigue of the day. You will find a lot more relaxed in their company.
Health- Health will remain good. But in order to stay healthy in the present circumstances, it is necessary to keep your routine disciplined.

Virgo – Positive The beneficial planet transit is going on at this time. Time is good for investing, but before doing any work related to it, make sure to consult the experienced person. You will also have special contribution in religious and spiritual activities. And by establishing important contacts, confidence will also increase.
Negative Keep your nature very gentle and sweet. Work can also go haywire due to anger and importance. Do also spend some time in self-contemplation. Take care not to hurt the self-esteem of the parents.
Business Plenty of orders will be available in the business. Employees and staff will speed up the work with full enthusiasm. But while lending goods to anyone, make sure the payment is refunded. Government servants should not engage in any illegal work.
Love- Relatives will arrive at home. And mutual reconciliation will keep the family atmosphere happy and happy.
Health- There may be a problem of skin allergies in the body. Give special importance to the treatment of traditional methods.

Libra – Positive – The maximum time of this week will be spent in religious and spiritual activities. Cooperating in a social organization will give you spiritual happiness. At this time there will be some path of benefit for you as well.
Negative Be aware, there is a strong possibility of an important item being stolen or lost. So keep your things well preserved. Try to do all your work by yourself, trusting others will be harmful.
Business New orders will be received in business. So take advantage of time and work hard. Keep in mind that you may be exposed to something confidential that you wanted to keep secret.
Love- There will be happy occasions of dating in love relationships. Close relations will also come in husband-wife relationship.
Health- Physical and mental fatigue will dominate. Make sure to take proper rest from time to time as well.

Scorpio – positive This week, you can get some important beneficial information. Strengthen your relationships with influential people. These relationships will open new paths for you. The arrival of guests in the house will lead to a stir.
Negative Sometimes irritability and stress in nature can distract you from your goal. If you are planning to take a loan, then you should think carefully about it. Do not interfere in anyone’s personal matter. Otherwise you also have loss of value.
Business When taking any important decision in the field, be sure to consult the senior members of the household. Surely you will get proper guidance. There is hope for success in any complicated government work. Students will get the desired results in a departmental examination.
Love- Married life will be sweet. But there is a need to be very careful in love relationships. Because unintentionally some kind of tension can arise.
Health- There will be a situation like lethargy and fatigue. Be sure to protect yourself from the rising cold.

Sagittarius – Positive Taking some important decisions related to the family will yield a reasonable result. Youth can also get a new career related opportunity. Meeting someone special will give you peace of mind.
Negative Engagement may increase with the arrival of some new responsibilities. But these activities will be positive for you, so do not worry. While investing capital, it is necessary to investigate thoroughly.
Business Unprecedented success can be found in state functions this week. So do not let the opportunity go by hand. Also, keep the whole hard work and hard work in the beginning of new work. There may be minor problems in the job.
Love- Couples will not be able to enjoy love in their life due to commercial escapade. The youths should also be honest and modest about their love affairs.
Health- Health will be fine. But keep a distance from people of negative instinct.

Capricorn – positive Spend some time near nature to get relief from runaway running for some time. By living in a peaceful environment, you will feel new energy and energy. It is the right time to awaken your interests related to artistic and creative work.
Negative It is necessary to spend some time with children also. Keep an eye on their activities and association. Discussing with a close friend in any of your problems will definitely give you a suitable solution.
Business There is a need to focus more on the business at this time. Because the conditions are favorable. And you will get more and more orders. You can also get a special assignment in a government job.
Love- Proper arrangement and harmony will remain in the house. And mutual relations will also be good.
Health- Migraine or cervical pain may arise due to fatigue. Pay special attention to exercise and meditation.

Aquarius – Positive This week you will get positive results from any of your hard work and efforts. Strengthen political and social contacts. This time is very favorable for making new plans and undertaking new ventures.
Negative Keep in mind that any mistake of yours will cause trouble for you. At this time, it is necessary to maintain a cordial relationship with your close relatives. Monitor children’s activities and association as well.
Business Business conditions will remain normal. But according to the need, the means of income will remain. Try to make changes in your methodology at this time. Employment people should stay away from any politics going on in the office. Keep your business sense.
Love- Family atmosphere will remain pleasant and peaceful. An opposite sex friend may increase emotional attachment.
Health- Leg problems in the joints will increase. Do not consume air and other things. And also protect yourself from cold.

Pisces – Positive Despite the busyness, you will give your family and family full time. Circumstances are slowly getting in your favor. Youths should work hard to achieve their goals. Surely you will get success. Misconceptions about a friend or relative will also end.
Negative Some financial difficulties and problems may come in front of you. However, you will also be able to find a solution with your discretion and cleverness. Do not interfere in the matter of others without reason, otherwise criticism and condemnation of you is also possible.
Business There will be no full cooperation of colleagues in the field at this time. Therefore it is necessary to keep your watch in every activity. But you will get the results of your hard work and hard work in completing a particular task. An official travel order may come in the job.
Love- Full support of life partner and family in difficult times will keep your morale up. And there will be sweetness even in married life.
Health- There may be an increase in throat infection and cough and cold. Take care and Ayurvedic treatment will be more appropriate.

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