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Rashifal Saptahik Horoscope December 3rd Week 2020: December Weekly Rashifal 2020, Aries Mesh Vrishab Weekly Horoscope, Saptahik Horoscope Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio | 19 दिसंबर तक मकर सहित 5 राशियों के लिए है अच्छा समय, जॉब और बिजनेस में मिलेगा सितारों का साथ

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  • Rashifal Saptahik Horoscope December 3rd Week 2020: December Weekly Rashifal 2020, Aries Mesh Vrishab Weekly Horoscope, Saptahik Horoscope Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio

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19 days ago

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  • 7 stars including Aquarius and Pisces this week will have mixed effects of stars

The Moon will travel from Scorpio to Aquarius in the third week of December. Early in the week, the Moon will be in Scorpio and Sagittarius. During this time there will also be a combination of five planets. After this, Moon will be afflicted due to Saturn in the middle of the week and Rahu will also be on the moon. Moon will be in Aquarius during the last days of the week. According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, time will be auspicious for 5 zodiac signs between December 13 and 19. These seven days will be good for people with Aries, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn. People of these zodiac signs can get stars. Apart from these people with Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces will have to be careful. There will be mixed time for these 7 zodiac signs.

According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, the fruit of 12 zodiac signs

Aries – positive – The news you’ve been trying for a long time will be successful this week. There is just a need to do your tasks in a planned way. The results of competitive examination given for the job may also come in your favor. Negative- Students should not compromise with their studies by indulging in futile work of humor, entertainment and entertainment. It will be beneficial not to trust anyone in the matter of money. There is a need to be very careful in the affairs of the state case. Business – In addition to increasing production in the field, pay attention to the quality of it as your marketing and contacts are going to be wider than before. You may have to take a loan but it will be for profit only. Love – Some family entertainment and entertainment – programs will be made. There will be a happy atmosphere due to the auspicious information related to a child’s art. Health- Problems such as headache and indigestion can arise. Take full care of yoga and exercise.

Taurus – positive – you are observing your routine and habits in particular. Which will make your personality amazing. One can also take big decisions related to the education and career of children. Negative- But be careful in dealing and dealing with strangers and unfamiliar people. You can also be a victim of any conspiracy or conspiracy. That is why a better solution is to stay away from the company of bad people. It is necessary to take care of the health of the elderly. Business- By meeting with a big officer or political person, your work can be done easily. But in many cases your self-respect will be a hindrance in your progress. So keep your behavior a little flexible. Love – The ongoing dysfunction in the work will also have an impact on family life. But the life partner’s support will keep your confidence up. Health – There will be small fluctuations in health. But a little caution will keep you healthy.

Gemini – Positive – Successful time is for the students studying. Therefore, we remained focused. Take interest in good literature and spiritual works to increase your energy and strength. This will change your personality amazingly. New contacts will be established. Negative – Discord can arise in the house about something. Sometimes your stubborn nature causes trouble for others. Therefore it is necessary to bring some flexibility in nature. Business – There is a lot of hard work required in this field and you will also be successful in completing your tasks. But in terms of income, some satisfaction will have to be maintained. Beware of the activities of outsiders. Love – There will be some tension regarding the life of the life partner. There is a need to devote time to business as well as at home. Health- Stretching and pain may be felt in muscles and nerves. Do not be negligent in exercising etc.

Cancer – positive – things related to the education or marriage of the child will reach the point. Time will also be spent in religion and spiritual work. People will respect you because of your soft-spoken and good nature. The financial side will be good. Negative- Young people can use some wrong methods for wishing. Because of which he will also be in trouble. So stay away from negative activities. Careful choice of career should also be done very carefully. Business – The day will be normal from the business perspective. You can get predictable benefits. But do not take interest in any immoral work. You can get in trouble. Employed people should stay away from any kind of bribe or money transaction. Love – There may be some discord in the family. Do not let outsiders interfere at home. Health – Health will be fine. Due to stress, there may be a problem of blood pressure etc.

Singh – Positive – For some time you have maintained a very disciplined and systematic routine. Which has a positive effect on your personality. Meeting some influential people this week will help create many complicated tasks. Negative – But friends of some negative instinct can cause defamation to you. It is very important to keep a distance from them. And instead of thinking too much, it is important to bring the plans into action. Business- There is a lot of competition in the business. Some people may create conspiracies or negative plans for you. So be careful. There will be some similar situations in the office environment in the job as well. Love- Some ideological differences will arise in husband-wife relationship. Which will also affect the family. Therefore it is necessary to be careful. Health- Infection can occur due to infection in any part of the body. It is necessary to take proper treatment.

Virgo – Positive – You will be able to overcome negative situations with your confidence and eloquence. Your respect and dignity will remain in the society. By adopting the policy of material, price, punishment, distinction, you will be able to complete any task. Therefore, make the best use of time. Negative- Sometimes your distracted mood can make you nervous in making decisions. But you will overcome it immediately. Placing too much discipline on children can upset them. So, be friendly with them, then it will be appropriate. Business – beneficial conditions are being created in business. There will be new profit related possibilities. And you will also get proper results according to hard work. Government serving persons will continue to dominate their subordinate employees. Love – Some altercation may arise with life partner. It is better to solve the case in a comfortable way than anger. Health- Due to stress, problems like gas, indigestion will also arise. Do exercise and meditation.

Libra – positive – work with the mind rather than the heart. Your income tools will improve. And economic activities will be strengthened. Before making any plan, do not be hasty and discuss it thoroughly. Negative – Decision making in sentimentality will be harmful for you. There will also be an excess of wasteful expenses. Sometimes your right behavior can also cause problems for others, so it is important to maintain some flexibility in your behavior. Business- If you are planning to start any new work, now is the right time. This work will gradually take you to higher heights. The help of a person in a high position will also be helpful for you. Love – In case of any kind of confusion, the advice of the spouse will keep your self-confidence. And mutual relations will also be good. Health- Negative thoughts can dominate. Diabetes must also be investigated.

Scorpio – positive – More and more time will be spent in the field this week. You will have a special attraction power. Because of which your relationships with other people will become more harmonious. Time is of value and prestige. The youth will spend time in fun. Negative- Before taking any decision regarding engagement of a person in the house, make sure to thoroughly investigate it because there is a possibility of any kind of fraud. Students will also not take their studies. Business – The recession that was going on in the field for a long time, a new ray of hope will be seen this week. The help and advice of an influential person will lead you to success again. Employees will have a normal day. Love – Family atmosphere will be comfortable and pleasant. There will also be success in love and romance. Health – seasonal diseases will disturb you. There may be a stomach problem.

Sagittarius – Positive – Most of your time will be spent in outdoor activities this week. Any travel program can also be made. You will complete your tasks with full energy, and will also be successful. Children will also remain fully focused towards their studies. Negative- There will be some sadness in the family due to inauspicious information related to a close relative. And thinking more about anything can increase your stress. Young people should be serious about their career. Business – Do not share your plans with anyone about your business activities. Because someone can take advantage of your plans illegally. Working women will achieve greater success in their tasks. Love – Due to your busy life partner will have full support in the family. The happy news of a child at home can also be found. Health- Problems like back pain and stretch will arise. Focus more on exercise.

Capricorn – Positive – This week will be spent in improving the economic situation further. There will be a fun, happy atmosphere in the family. You will have special contribution in making the relationship better. The youth will be striving to achieve the new goal of their work. Negative – But keep an eye on children’s activities. It is your responsibility to guide them properly. Postpone any kind of journey, because nothing will be gained other than wasting time on it. Business – Time will be spent in the field. Some activities will also be completed at home. But keep in mind that your opponents may form a conspiracy against you. Bhagyoday Dayak Yoga is becoming for job professionals. Love- husband-wife relationship will be cordial. The ongoing misunderstanding in love relationship will be resolved and the relationship will become sweet again. Health- Any urinary problems may arise. Drink plenty of fluids.

Aquarius – positive – At this time the planetary position remains in your favor. New paths of profit will also be paved. Use the best time. A close relative will also get an opportunity to go to a religious event here. Honor will increase. Negative- Sometimes overconfidence will cause your problems. Along with making plans, it is also very important to give them work. Due to any activity of the child, stress can be present in the house. So keep giving proper guidance to the children. Business- Some business work has to be completed at home. Also with the help of family members will also help in your workload. Stay away from marketing and media related tasks. Love – Life partner’s confidence and support will keep your morale up. And there will also be more strength in mutual relations. Health- Thyroid related problems may increase. Do get your inquiry done.

Pisces – Positive- You will concentrate in your actions through hard work and confidence. Which will also give you proper results. Relationships with brothers will be sweetened and some past negative misconceptions will also be removed. Negative- Meeting and contact with unknown persons can prove to be harmful for you. Someone will take advantage of your words wrongly. So stay away from such people. Tension will remain due to finding out anything negative from the side of the child. Business- The factory and factory related business is improving but do not enter into any type of business contract with external activities and contact sources. Because any fraud can occur. Nevertheless, the means of income will remain. Love- Due to children with life partner can be noisy. It is necessary to make some time out of your busiest time even for family. Health- There will be trouble like cold, cold. Be sure to get your proper treatment.