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Rashifal Saptahik Horoscope December 5th Week 2020: December Weekly Rashifal 2020, Aries Mesh Vrishab Weekly Horoscope, Saptahik Horoscope Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio | साल के आखिरी हफ्ते में कुछ लोग हो सकते हैं परेशान, तुला, मकर सहित 6 राशियों को रहना होगा संभलकर

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  • Rashifal Saptahik Horoscope December 5th Week 2020: December Weekly Rashifal 2020, Aries Mesh Vrishab Weekly Horoscope, Saptahik Horoscope Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio

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3 days ago

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  • The last day of the month will be good for 6 zodiac signs including Aquarius and Pisces, this week can be with stars

From 27 December to 2 January 2021, the Moon will go from Taurus to Cancer. 1-1 auspicious and inauspicious yoga are being formed in the early and last days of this week. The Moon will be afflicted by Rahu-Ketu at the beginning of the week. At the same time Venus is forming with Saturn. Some people may have difficulties due to these inauspicious yogas. At the beginning of the week, auspicious yoga is being formed in view of Jupiter on the Moon. Also, due to the sight of Mars on the moon in the last days, some people will get the fruits of Mahalakshmi Yoga. According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, the last week of the year will be auspicious for people with Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces. These 6 zodiac signs will get stars. At the same time, people with Aries, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn will have mixed effects of stars these days. These 7 days will be normal for these 6 zodiac signs.

According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, the fruit of 12 zodiac signs

Aries – Positive With hard work and hard work you will achieve everything that you have wished for. The road to success and fortune progressing. But using them depends on your ability. The youth will also feel relaxed from achieving any achievement.
Negative Keep your anger under control and control wastefulness too. At this time, money will be stuck somewhere. Because of which the mind will be upset. Restlessness can also result in some kind of carelessness.
Business It would be better if you take care in any business related investment, fund etc. However, you will find the solution to every problem with your self confidence. Do not sign any paper document without reading it otherwise it may have to be taken.
Love- You will keep better coordination between the working arrangements and family life. Love relations will also be good.
Health- Excessive hard work will result in fatigue and weakness. It is also necessary to take proper rest from time to time.

Taurus – Positive You will make your plans work. In which creative work will be main. These days you are bringing positive changes in your nature. Because of which your good image is being created among family and relatives. You will also give time for your fitness.
Negative There will be concern about the health of an elderly person at home. Hospital etc. can also be dizzy. Keeping more disiplin in the house can also cause problems for family members. Make economic investment wisely.
Business It is the right time to put into action the plans that were being made for some growth in the business. It is also necessary to make some changes related methodology. There will be success in business related to public dealing.
Love- The family atmosphere will be pleasant. The youth will feel happy to get a friend according to their choice.
Health- The liver may be pressurized due to eating too much sugar and fried food. Keep the routine organized.

Gemini – Positive The work that has been stopped or stuck for some time is likely to be completed. Your ability and talent will be exposed to the people. There will also be success and victory over your rivals.
Negative But it is necessary to control your anger and anger. Many times a game made in haste and extreme enthusiasm can be spoiled. Due to which family happiness and peace can also be affected. It is necessary to keep a close eye towards your goal.
Business The plan of work expansion will result in work. But do a re-inspection on that plan. There will be mild problems in the job but you will find a solution to all the problems in a peaceful manner with intelligence and discretion.
Love- Your priority will be towards the comforts of home and family. But it is necessary to monitor the activities of children.
Health- There is a need to be careful with seasonal diseases. Skin problems may occur.

Cancer – Positive Believing in karma rather than luck will give you achievements. Which will automatically strengthen your destiny. Sources of income will be paved. There will be an atmosphere of fun and entertainment in the house. Shopping for household amenities is also possible.
Negative It is very important to control your anger and stubbornness. Your relationship with maternal uncle may also cause sourness. Therefore, it is your responsibility to avoid spoiling the relationship.
Business You will get success in business related to public dealing and education. You will be able to perform any task smoothly through your intellectual ability. Employment people will be under some stress due to the excess of work this week.
Love- There will be concern about the health of life partner. But you will keep balance between home and business due to which the atmosphere of the house will remain happy.
Health- Bile related problems like acidity and gas etc. may remain. Maintain moderate diet and routine.

Leo – Positive For some time, you are focusing your attention on improving your personality and personality. In which you have also got a lot of success. After meeting with some external contacts, you have some important plans that will be successful.
Negative Along with spending time on yourself, maintain good relations with family and relatives. Because there is a possibility of any differences with the brothers. If you are planning to change the house, then consider it seriously, time is good.
Business There is a need to change some kind of place or working system in the field. It will also be appropriate for you to do this. It is very important to maintain your work capacity because some work can be stopped due to laziness.
Love- The life partner will have complete dedication in taking care of the family and maintaining harmony. But extramarital affairs can have a negative impact on the family.
Health- There is a possibility of a blood infection. Also, use the vehicle carefully.

Virgo – Positive For some time you have maintained a very disciplined and systematic routine. Which has a positive effect on your personality. Meeting some influential people will help create many complex tasks.
Negative But friends of some negative instinct may cause defamation to you. It is very important to keep a distance from them. And instead of thinking too much, it is important to bring the plans into action.
Business There is a lot of competition in the business. Some people may create conspiracies or negative plans for you. So be careful. There will be some similar situations in the office environment also in the job.
Love- Some ideological differences will arise in husband-wife relationships. Which will also affect the family. Therefore it is necessary to be careful.
Health- Infection can occur in any part of the body due to infection. It is necessary to take proper treatment.

Libra – Positive – Due to excessive busyness you will not be able to spend time at home. But will be successful in settling many of his important works. Success will be close to you because of your hard work and confidence. Understanding everything deeply will be your special quality.
Negative Keep a distance from people of negative instincts because they can also result in defamation of you. There will be some kind of tension from the children. Also, there can be concern about the health of the mother.
Business Some difficulties will arise related to the activities of employees in the workplace. Instead of taking stress, it would be more appropriate to solve it with understanding. Workers may also have to do office work at home.
Love- Relationship between husband and wife will be normal. Spending some time with friends will keep you relaxed.
Health- Control anger and excitement. Blood pressure etc. problems may arise.

Scorpio – positive This week, you will be able to complete any task through your Chanakya policy. The economic situation will be even better. Relations with political figures will provide new achievements for you. Taking full advantage of these relationships depends on your ability.
Negative An issue related to the old things can be raised again. Because of which nothing more will be achieved other than stress. Work in a smooth way by controlling your anger and excitement.
Business Government-related business will gain momentum. If there are some ups and downs, then do not get upset and improve your work related shortcomings. The cooperation of elders and senior people at home will help in solving many of your problems.
Love- Family environment will be normal. Members of the household will not be able to give time to each other due to their busyness.
Health- At this time, any skin problem may occur. Staying hygienic is very important.

Sagittarius – Positive You will carry out your family and business responsibilities well. There will be an increase in fame, fame and respect. Will be interested in studies and teaching related work. You will also take part in social activities.
Negative Relations with siblings can worsen. But no matter how negative the circumstances, you will find positivity. But just keep the voice and anger, otherwise the work done will be spoiled.
Businessman There will be full help from colleagues in the field. You will be able to gain in business by intelligence and cleverness. Employees will be able to achieve their goals easily, so keep trying.
Love- Ongoing tensions in marital relationships may increase. There is a need to have a lot of patience and understanding.
Health- There will be trouble like cold, fever and fever. Make sure to avoid seasonal.

Capricorn – positive Most of your time will be spent in outdoor activities this week. Any travel program can also be made. You will complete your tasks with full energy, and will also be successful. Children will also remain fully focused towards their studies.
Negative There will be some sadness in the family due to inauspicious information related to a close relative. And thinking more about anything can increase your stress. Young people should be serious about their career.
Business Do not share your plans with anyone about your business activities. Because someone can take advantage of your plans illegally. Working women will achieve greater success in their tasks.
Love- Due to your busy life partner will have full support in the family. The happy news of a child at home can also be found.
Health- Problems like back pain and stretch will arise. Focus more on exercise.

Aquarius – Positive This week more and more time will be spent at home. You will have a special attraction power. Because of which your relationships with other people will become more harmonious. Time is of value and prestige. The youth will spend time in fun.
Negative Before making any decision regarding engagement of a person in the house, make sure to thoroughly investigate it because there is a possibility of any kind of fraud. Students will also not take their studies.
Business A new ray of hope will be seen in the slowdown that has been going on in the field for a long time. The support and advice of an influential person will lead you to success again. The day of job occupation will be normal.
Love- Family atmosphere will be comfortable and pleasant. There will also be success in love and romance.
Health- Seasonal diseases will disturb you. There may be a stomach problem.

Pisces – Positive You will feel relieved and relaxed by getting solution to the problem that has been going on for some time and you will be able to concentrate on your other tasks with full confidence. As per hard work, you will also get proper results.
Negative Competition tasks require a lot of hard work. Because the fear of losing is dominating you. Due to which negative thoughts are also being generated in you. Take control of your ego and seek the advice of an experienced person.
Business You will get benefit only after working hard in business. And all the activities will be done smoothly. You will also receive important contracts through contacts. But the jobbers will also have to complete their work at leisure.
Love- There will be concern about the health of life partner. But the family members will have full support towards each other.
Health- Stress may cause muscle pain and strain. Spend some time in exercise and meditation too.