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Rashifal Saptahik Horoscope February 3rd Week 2021: February Weekly Rashifal 2021, Aries Mesh Vrishab Weekly Horoscope, Saptahik Horoscope Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio | 14 से 20 फरवरी के बीच मकर राशि के नौकरीपेशा लोगों को मिल सकती है स्थान परिवर्तन की सूचना

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  • Rashifal Saptahik Horoscope February 3rd Week 2021: February Weekly Rashifal 2021, Aries Mesh Vrishab Weekly Horoscope, Saptahik Horoscope Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio

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  • This week, people of Aries will have to be careful, they may come in the work of people with Leo sign.

Between February 14 and 20, the Moon will go from Pisces to Taurus. Between this week, Moon and Mars will remain in Aries. Which will create Mahalakshmi Yoga. Also, in the last days of the week, Jupiter’s fifth vision will be on the Moon. Due to which many people will get the fruits of Gajakesari Yoga. In this way this week will be auspicious for many people. According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, in these seven days, people with Taurus will feel positive energy in themselves and will also achieve success in their work. The talent and working power of the people of Gemini is creating conditions in their favor. In these days, both luck and stars will be in the favor of people with Cancer sign. Due to which some new agreements and orders are being received.

In these days, the stars of luck will also remain in favor of the people of Virgo. The position of employed people will also be strong. This week the economic status of people with Libra will also be better than before. Any stalled work of Scorpio zodiac people will be made suddenly. There will be beneficial agreements in the business of Sagittarius people this week. Which will increase income sources. Time will be good for the people of Capricorn. Change of location can also be reported. People of Aquarius will get relief from the troubles going on in the field this week. People with Pisces can also get new opportunities for promotion. Apart from these, people with Aries and Leo signs will not be able to get stars this week. People of these 2 zodiac signs will have to be careful throughout the week.

According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, the fruit of 12 zodiac signs

Aries – positive – Your faith and attitude towards religious and spiritual works will increase. Which will create a positive attitude in you. Most of the time of this week will be spent in implementing any special work related plans. Negative- Stay away from risky works like shares, speculation etc. Because there is a possibility of any major loss. Defamation may also occur as well. There is also a need to be cautious at this time. Only someone close can betray you. There will be plans like internal maintenance and renovation in the business area. Make sure to use Vastu agreed rules in this change, this will spread positive energy. Employed people may have a quarrel with their officers about something. Love – Family atmosphere will be pleasant. Children will also be disciplined and obedient. Health- Allergy and phlegm, cold will cause problems due to changing weather. Desi treatment will be beneficial.

Taurus – positive – You will have special contribution in the institutions related to religious and social activities. You will feel a lot of positive energy inside you. Your good and systematic routine will also have a positive effect on the family. Negative – In some works, due to unnecessary misunderstanding, there can be disturbance. But at this time it is appropriate to maintain patience and patience. Children may face difficulty in their studies or any work related to competitive examinations. It is better to consult an experienced person. Business- Business conditions will be fairly normal this week. Success will also be achieved by executing his works with a lot of seriousness and seriousness. A colleague in the office may have to help during difficult times. Love – Family life will be happy. The friendship of youth will transform into love affairs. Health- Fatigue will prevail due to excessive running. Because of which physical weakness can be felt.

Gemini – Positive – Your talent and ability are creating excellent conditions in your favor. All you need to do is to execute your plan and tasks appropriately. Children and youth will get special success in their studies and competition related work. Negative- Sometimes your tendency to show up can cause harm to you. Instead of keeping everyone happy, focus more on your work by keeping the relationship fine. Do not interfere more in the case of others. Business – This week will achieve achievements in marketing and media related business. Focus more on your self-confidence and judgment than on trusting others. There may be a significant work load on government serving persons. Love – Marital relationship will be sweet. Relations with the in-laws will also strengthen further. Health- The current negative environment can affect your health. At this time, consume more energetic things.

Cancer – positive – stars and luck are on your side this week. Problems going on for some time will be solved to a large extent by your positive attitude and balanced thinking. You will again be able to focus on your work with a new energy. Negative- Sometimes your over-confidence and ego become the cause of trouble for you. It is very important to improve your shortcomings. Along with the brothers, try to resolve land related issues in a peaceful manner. Business – Pay special attention to media and marketing related work to increase business. Some new contracts and orders are being received. Any kind of travel order can come in the job also. Love – Family atmosphere will remain very positive. Love affairs will also get family approval. Health – Health will be fine. Sometimes laziness or discomfort may be experienced.

Leo – Positive – Time is good for getting hold of money or money. So keep trying for this. Your main plan this week will be to handle all your tasks in a planned manner. And you will also be successful in this to a great extent. Negative – Keep away from political activities, because some kind of defamation is being made. Instead of wasting your time traveling with friends, take time to complete your personal tasks. Also, maintain good relations with brothers. Business- Must maintain transparency in partnership related business. This will help strengthen mutual relations. Do not start any new work, because any kind of hindrance can lead to financial problems. Love- Spend some time with your spouse and family, this will relieve stress and your mind will remain cheerful. Health – Health will be fine. It is necessary to keep your routine organized just to avoid seasonal changes.

Virgo – positive – If someone is thinking of changing the place then time is good. At this time planetary position and luck are making excellent yoga in your favor. It will be beneficial for you to make decisions by becoming practical. And you will remain full of confidence and self-power. Negative – But being too selfish can also distance you from your close relationships. Therefore, there is a need to maintain our relationships. At this time, be very careful while transacting any kind of money, because there is a possibility of loss. Business- Machinery and iron related business will gain momentum. Although all businesses will improve but at a slow pace. This time it will be beneficial to strengthen marketing and external contacts. Employment people will also now have a strong position in their field. Love- Stay away from love affairs, you may get cheated. Extramarital affair will also cause problems for you, so be careful. Health- It is important to take special care of your health. There is a problem like urinary infection or swelling somewhere.

Libra – positive – will meet some political people, which will increase your popularity and broaden the scope of public relations. You will be happy to get good career related news from your child and feel relaxed. Negative- Stay away from any type of borrowing. There can be deception in dealing with money transactions. But do not waste time thinking more about doing any work, it can also lead to some excellent achievement. Business – concrete decisions taken at the workplace will prove to be better and will also be successful. Spend more of your time on tasks such as marketing and collecting payments. The economic situation will also be better than before. Love – The atmosphere of the house will be disciplined and happy. One can get annoyed about small talk in a love affair. Health – Health will be good. But be sure to protect yourself from the current changing environment.

Scorpio – Positive – Put your plans into action by placing full faith in your work capacity, you will definitely get success. Also, despite the busyness, you must also make time for the happiness of your family. Negative- treat children more friendly than they should. Because scolding and excessive discipline can hurt their self-esteem. And a feeling of inferiority can also arise. Business – It will be better if you keep your focus on current activities rather than doing something new in business. Because the planet’s transit and conditions are not very favorable right now. But even then, any stalled work will be made suddenly. Which will lead to mental satisfaction to a great extent. Love – Give some privacy to family members too. This will keep the family environment pleasant. Marriage good news can be found for the unmarried. Health – Health will be fine. People who have diabetes and thyroid problems should take special care of themselves.

Sagittarius – Positive – The beneficial planet transiting at the moment. Whatever work you put your hand in, the circumstances will be favorable to you. Therefore, make the best use of time. Time is appropriate to invest money. There may also be a horse-trading. Negative- Spend some time in self observation for patience and restraint in your behavior. Because due to anger and haste, many work can be spoiled. Before doing any work, be sure to know about it. Business – This week there will be beneficial agreements in business. Which will also increase the means of income. Any profitable deal can be concluded in the property business. Strengthen your political contacts and keep up with the people. Love – plans will be made for the manic work related to the marriage of the family. And mail meeting with relatives and close relatives will make everyone happy. Health – Health will be good. And physical energy and self-power will also remain strong.

Capricorn – Positive – This week you will be in a mood of great entertainment and fun. There will be many plans in mind. With the help of close friends, a lot of your work will also be successful. Also, time will be spent in spiritual and religious activities. Negative- Sometimes because of your unreasonable stubbornness, there can be a tense atmosphere in the house. Also, acting contrary to the orders of a senior person in the house may offend them. There will be an excess of expenses at this time. So keep your needs under control. Business- Before taking any business related work, be sure to consult the experienced person or elders of the house. Because you may be a bit confused about the decision. Time is good for job professionals, any relocation information can also be found. Love- There will be romantic relationship between husband and wife. Traveling with friends will also cost a lot of time and money. Health- Headache and migraine may remain due to mental work. There will be problems like sleeplessness.

Aquarius – Positive – This week the star of fortune prevails. Therefore, use the time with full respect and good use and put full hard work and work capacity on your work. Special achievements will be achieved for the female section. Also be sure to consider the advice given by someone. Negative- This is the time to work practical rather than sentimental. Otherwise someone can also take advantage of you illegitimate. And can also get caught in some kind of economic disparity. Now is not the right time to invest money anywhere. Business – This week there will be some relief from problems going on in the field. You will get financial and mental support from anywhere. You will learn from the old mistakes and take care in fixing the arrangement of your business. Property related work will be in profit. Love – husband and wife must respect each other’s feelings. And it is important to keep the love affairs also restrained. Health – Health will be good. Your moderate lifestyle will keep you healthy.

Pisces – positive – Hobby related tasks will be of special interest, moving away from everyday routine. You will feel spiritual happiness by spending some time for yourself too. At this time, some new routes are also going to be paved for progress. Negative- There is a possibility of missing something important. Therefore it is very important to handle your things yourself. Keep any kind of travel postponed, because you are not going to get any benefit. Business- You will also get proper results according to your hard work in business. Therefore, make the best use of time. But also keep in mind that none of your confidential matter gets leaked out. Love – The emotional connection between the husband and wife will remain strong. Keep loving relationships restrained. Health- You will feel weakness due to physical fatigue. Therefore, it is necessary to take proper rest from time to time.