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Rashifal Saptahik Horoscope January 1st Week 2020: January Weekly Rashifal 2020, Aries Mesh Vrishab Weekly Horoscope, Saptahik Horoscope Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio | इस हफ्ते तुला और वृश्चिक सहित 5 राशियों के नौकरीपेशा और बिजनेस करने वालों के लिए अच्छा रहेगा समय

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  • Rashifal Saptahik Horoscope January 1st Week 2020: January Weekly Rashifal 2020, Aries Mesh Vrishab Weekly Horoscope, Saptahik Horoscope Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio

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  • Due to Saturn and Rahu-Ketu being afflicted by Moon in these 7 days, mixed time will remain for 7 zodiac signs including Aquarius.

Moon will travel from Leo to Scorpio between January 3 and 9. At the beginning of the week, when Moon is in Virgo, Jupiter will be on it. After this, when the Moon comes in Libra in the middle of the week, both Mars and Saturn planets will be on it. At the same time, Moon will suffer due to Rahu-Ketu in the last days. The effect of this planetary position will be on all zodiac signs. According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, people with Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn can get stars this week. The coming 7 days will be auspicious for these 5 zodiac signs. Apart from these, people with Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces will have to be careful this week.

According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, the fruit of 12 zodiac signs

Aries – Positive Something is going to happen to you this week that will make you feel that the blessings of some goddess Shakti are on you. Recognize your talents. And with full energy, focus on your routine and functioning.
Negative There may be some problem in the documents related to the land work. But a little wisdom and understanding will work. It is good if we do not transact money and money.
Business Business activities will improve. Your generosity and good behavior towards employees will enhance their work capacity more. Some kind of politics can run in government office. So one needs to be careful.
Love- There will be synergy between both business and family. Which will create the best environment.
Health- Pain and fatigue can be felt in the legs due to overwork pressure.

Taurus – Positive Problems going on for some time will be solved to a large extent by your positive attitude and balanced thinking. You will again be able to focus on your work with a new energy.
Negative Sometimes your anger and importance causes trouble for you. It is very important to improve on our shortcomings. Along with brothers, try to settle the property department in the land in a peaceful manner.
Business Spend more time in contacts and marketing related work. Because some new contracts and orders are expected to be received this week. Any type of travel program can be made in the job also.
Love- Family environment will be very positive. But in love relationships, situations of mistrust can arise.
Health- Health will be good, but you must protect yourself from the changing environment.

Gemini – Positive This week, focus your attention on collecting payment etc. Because the money that is held back or lent can be easily repatriated. You will be able to get your work done by your eloquence and ability.
Negative Keep in mind that with the arrival of money, there will be conditions for expenses. There is a possibility of a bad relationship with a close friend. So it is advisable to talk with a little patience.
Business You will receive new offers from some trusted parties. They will also get favorable results. Government servants may receive good news from higher officials.
Love- There will be some problems in the house. But it is your responsibility to handle them. So do not get upset and find a solution to the problem.
Health- Hormonal problems can occur due to taking more stress. Also pay attention to Yoga and meditation.

Cancer – Positive Due to your gentle and balanced nature, the house will remain in proper harmony in the family. Some solution will also be found in the domestic problem for some time. Keeping a positive attitude will normalize the situation on its own.
Negative Due to any negative activity of children, a situation like stress and anger can occur in you. But try to correct their mistakes in a friendly manner. This will improve conditions quickly.
Business Your supervision in the field is very important. Because a little carelessness can cause important orders to go out of hand. It is also necessary to keep patience with the occupation people because they will have more workload.
Love- Spouse’s emotional support will give you confidence and self confidence. More ties will come in mutual relations.
Health- The changing weather can have an impact on your health. A little caution is needed.

Leo – Positive This week is perfect for doing any kind of property related work. There will also be home maintenance shopping. Nowadays, the changes you are bringing in your routine will greatly improve your health and personality.
Negative Students will not be able to focus on their studies. Because of which problems can occur. There is also a possibility of a deteriorating relationship with close relatives due to the resurgence of some old negative thing.
Business It may be difficult to make any important decisions in the field. It is better to consult an experienced person. Government serving individuals may also have to work overtime due to excess of work.
Love- There can be some emotional tension in love relationships. Control your anger and ego.
Health- Some will feel tired and sluggish. Pay more attention to meditation and yoga.

Virgo – Positive This week I will consult with a dear friend on an important issue. His political power can open some important path for you. There will also be time spent in entertainment related activities.
Negative Do not ignore your relatives because of your busy personal work, this may spoil your relationship with them. Keep an eye on children’s activities and association.
Business This week planetary positions are forming in your favor. Use this time to organize the files in your paper. And also consider new business related policies.
Love- Husband-wife relations will remain sweet. The family atmosphere will also remain pleasant.
Health- Protect yourself from infections like coughs, colds. Use Ayurvedic things more and more.

Libra – Positive – Recognize your suppressed talents and abilities. You will be honored for any special achievement you have at home and in society. Important travel related yoga is also being done.
Negative Some people may develop jealousies and misunderstandings because of your progress. So ignore all of you and keep yourself comfortable in your nature. So that there is no loss in your credit.
Business Businesses related to media and online operations will get more progress. And a little hard work will give a lot of success. Career person should keep in mind, there may be some mistake in computer related work.
Love- Due to being busy this week, you will not be able to give more time at home. But still the atmosphere of the house will remain pleasant and harmonious.
Health- Headaches and migraines may be troubled. Keep food light.

Scorpio – positive Will spend time meeting and entertaining with a close friend. You will benefit more than expected by your efficiency. There will be a happy atmosphere in the house due to the auspicious information related to the child’s work.
Negative Due to poor health of a person at home, the hospital may be dizzy. Share your workload with other members. Otherwise some of your important works will be incomplete.
Business Make maximum use of media related contacts, because of which your business will gain momentum. The financial situation will be fine. But the road to the arrival of money will remain dim.
Love- There will be a good harmony between husband and wife. Avoid extramarital affairs.
Health- Keep your routine organized. Health will be fine.

Sagittarius – Positive You will have complete dedication in taking care of the facilities of family members. Due to which there will be an atmosphere of happiness and enthusiasm among the family members. Your personal work will also be done smoothly.
Negative Sometimes the narrowness of your thoughts can cause problems for family members. So keep your behavior and thoughts restrained. Your slightest caution will keep the family in harmony.
Business Some business plans will be made in-house. And the interest and contribution of family people in it can also provide some new direction to your work.
Love- The family atmosphere will be pleasant. All members will be cheerful and happy.
Health- Allergies can occur due to the changing weather. be in good shape.

Capricorn – positive This week, we will try to improve our daily routine by learning from the past few shortcomings. In which you will also succeed. And such an effort will dramatically improve relations with people.
Negative Do not be afraid to consult senior and experienced people. Their guidance and cooperation will boost your morale more. Do not waste time in wasteful outdoor activities.
Business Profitable conditions are being created in partnership related work. Plans will also be made to expand the work. There will be a lot of work in the work of the job professionals.
Love- Will spend time with family in entertainment related activities. There will be closeness in love relations also.
Health- Due to the changing weather, one may feel a problem like cough, cold. Do not be careless.

Aquarius – Positive Plans such as renovation or improvement of the house will be made. Do have a discussion with a Vastu Vid. Also, it is very important to make a budget before doing every task.
Negative Take care of your belongings yourself, there is a possibility of theft or loss. There is also a possibility of a quarrel with a close relative or brother in the affair of the property.
Business There will be busyness in the house as well as in the field. Pay close attention to the activities of employees, negligence can result in losses. The occupation may disturb the negative attitude of the officers to the people.
Love- To keep the atmosphere of the house balanced, it is very important to keep balance in your behavior.
Health- Improper eating can cause disturbances in digestion. Take proper catering.

Pisces – Positive The affection and blessings of someone like father or father will remain on you. It will be beneficial for you to follow their advice. Economic conditions will be better. Students will also get appropriate results according to their hard work.
Negative It is necessary to keep your confidence and work capacity strong because at some point of laziness you can ignore some tasks. Which will also affect your financial condition.
Business Due to some personal work this week, they will not be able to pay much attention in the field. But your trust in colleagues and employees will increase their work capacity. Government serving individuals may have to work on some new projects.
Love- Your cooperation in the needs and important tasks of the house will make the home environment happy. Any auspicious information can also be received for unmarried persons.
Health- There may be complaints of joint and muscle pain. Take time for exercise and yoga as well.