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Rashifal Saptahik Horoscope March 5th Week 2021: March Weekly Rashifal 2021, Aries Mesh Vrishab Weekly Horoscope, Saptahik Horoscope Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio | 7 राशियों के लिए ठीक नहीं है मार्च के आखिरी और अप्रैल के शुरुआती दिन

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  • Rashifal Saptahik Horoscope March 5th Week 2021: March Weekly Rashifal 2021, Aries Mesh Vrishab Weekly Horoscope, Saptahik Horoscope Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio

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  • Capricorns will get lucky, Virgo and Libra zodiac signs will be stopped

Between March 28 to April 3, the Moon will go from Virgo to Sagittarius. Rahu and Saturn will be seen on the Moon in these days. Along with this, embers, eclipses and poisoning will also be made. Many people may get upset this week because of these inauspicious yogas. Astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi says that in these days, people with Aries, Taurus, Scorpio and Sagittarius can face interruptions in their work and will not be able to work. At the same time, people with Leo, Aquarius and Pisces have to be careful in economic matters. In this way, this week is not good for 7 of the 12 zodiac signs. Apart from these, these 7 days will be auspicious for people with Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn.

According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, the fruit of 12 zodiac signs

Aries – Positive – Improve your present by learning from your past mistakes. At this time, most of the tasks will be done according to your mind. Any debate going on with the brothers will be resolved by mutual understanding.
Negative- Do not take any decision in haste. It would be better to first outline the plans related to the work. Any type of false accusation may also be made, keep this in mind.
Business – Keep an eye on every activity in the field. Due to someone’s interference, your plans and work may get spoiled. It is better not to share your functional activities with anyone. At this time, it would be appropriate to postpone any kind of business trip.
Love – Family atmosphere will be pleasant. Meeting a dear friend will bring back nostalgia.
Health- Your confidence and positive thinking will keep you healthy. So do not worry about any kind of health.

Taurus – positive – execute your plans with full confidence in your work capacity, you will definitely get success. Time will also be happy with the family in entertainment and amenities related activities. Negative- Keep friendly behavior with children instead of scolding. It is necessary to take special care of the use of your words in any conversation. Students will spend more time with friends and will be disturbed due to carelessness. Business – Instead of starting something new in business now, it is better to keep your focus on the current tasks. Because the planet transit is not very favorable right now. Be sure to check while completing any paper work or order. Love – Family atmosphere will remain pleasant. There are chances of getting the good news about marriage for the unmarried. Health – Health will be fine. Blood pressure and diabetic people keep their routines specially organized.

Gemini – Positive – At this time planetary transit is giving you the ability to solve easily in every situation. Have more faith in your ability and ability than seeking help from others. Most of the time will also be spent in investment related activities. Negative- The impact of excess of work can make you physically and mentally exhausted. Avoid the tendency to show off, because of this you will do your own harm. Some differences may arise with siblings also on the economic side. Business – Time is good from a business point of view. You will get proper results according to your hard work. But there may be a problem due to a subordinate employee. It is better to take all the decisions by yourself. Government serving persons may feel stressed due to any type of blockage. Love- Due to health problems of your life partner, your support will remain in the house. Because of which, there will be more emotional strengthening in mutual relations. Health – Fatigue will dominate, and you may have to deal with problems like headaches or migraines.

Cancer – positive – You will also spend time in religious and spiritual activities this week. And under the guidance of some experienced and responsible people, a lot will be learned. There are also good chances of economic benefits at this time. Negative- Due to not paying attention in family and social work, others may have to face resentment. Do not take interest in wrongdoing like gambling, betting. While dealing with anyone, keep in mind that you can also be a victim of a conspiracy. Business – The desired success in the work will not be achieved. But still the work will continue to run smoothly under the supervision of family members. Misunderstandings going on with an employee will be removed and relationships will improve. In case of any kind of problem, even a employed person must take help from his high officials. Love- life partner’s advice will be beneficial and relaxed for you. But stay away from extramarital affairs, otherwise it can have a negative effect on your family’s happiness and peace. Health- You will feel physically weak and mental fatigue will also be there. Use natural things more and more. And it would be appropriate to spend some time near nature.

Leo – Positive – Conditions are more favorable this week. With confidence and a little care most of your work will be done smoothly. Trying to make your behavior more positive and collaborative will further increase your value and reputation. Negative- Keep in mind that there may be some kind of mistake while accounting in financial operations. Do not get into any kind of differences with the senior member of the household. And also maintain respect for all family members. Manufacturing-related work needs to be given more attention in the business sector. Spend your maximum time in marketing and enhancing the quality of the product. Avoid making any kind of investment in chit fund related companies. Love – There will be sweetness in husband-wife relationship. You will also get an opportunity to be invited to a wedding ceremony with someone. Health – Health will be good. But do not be careless about your diet and routine at this time.

Virgo – positive – Learning from the last few shortcomings this week, we will try to improve our routine further. In which you will also be successful. Spending time with dignitaries will bring positive changes in you. This time is the appropriate time to complete the stalled work. Negative – Do not hesitate to consult senior and experienced people. Their guidance and support will boost your morale more. But people of negative instinct may distract you from your goal. So be careful too. Students need to be more focused towards their studies. Business- At this time, profitable situations are being created in partnership related work. Plans will also be made to expand the business. There will be additional charge on the government serving people. But you can also get some important authority by doing patient work. Love- will spend time with family in entertainment related works. There is a situation of some kind of separation in love relationships. Health- Headaches and migraine problems can be disturbing. Do not let stress overwhelm you and keep a systematic routine.

Libra – Positive – Some special work related plans will be implemented this week. Time will also be spent in maintenance related tasks of the house. Helping others in their pain and suffering and your positive behavior will enhance your image in the society. Negative – Keep a check on extravagance as there is a possibility of accidental expenditure. Make all the decisions related to your personal life yourself. If there is a program to take a loan related to property or vehicle, then keep it postponed. You must have a presence in the business field. Because at this time it is not appropriate to overly trust the employees. Some stopped work will resume. Pay little attention to state affairs because it can be a problem with a higher official. Love – Must help their partner in health related problems. This will bring more closeness in mutual relations. Health- There will be complaints like gas and indigestion due to wrong eating. There is a need to keep your food very restrained.

Scorpio – positive – this week you will be busy with social work. A religious event will also be planned. The financial problem will be solved to a large extent by getting a stagnant payment. The blessings and cooperation of the elders of the house will strengthen your morale more. Negative- Do not waste your time in friends and vain deeds. Because of this, some of your important work may remain in the middle. The student class needs to pay more attention to their studies. Postpone any type of trip. Business – There will be some restlessness in the mind, due to which we will not be able to pay attention to the workplace. And will also feel uncomfortable in taking decisions. Be sure to consult the senior people of the house before doing any work. Job occupation may put an extra burden of work on people. Love- Life partner will have full support in maintaining proper house arrangement. But some distance can come due to misunderstandings in love relationship. Health – There will be a problem like some kind of infection. The female class needs to be more vigilant about their health.

Dhanu – positive – There will be some plans for change in the house. Despite the busyness, you will also take time out for your interest related tasks. Your efforts in solving the problems of children will be successful and you will prove to be the best guardian. Negative – Do not get into any kind of debate with neighbors, this can increase the matter. The mind will be sad to get any sad news related to a close relative. And it will also affect your work capacity. Business – Do not make any plans on the future working system in the field at this time. It would be better to stay focused on the present situation. A stalled payment can also be met with a little extra effort. Love- Bringing gifts for family members and spending time with them will make the atmosphere more sweet and happy. Health – Health will be good. Do not worry about any kind. But there will be some problems regarding the health of the elders of the house.

Capricorn – Positive – This week the Star of Destiny prevails. Women class can achieve significant achievement by their ability and ability, so keep your mind focused on your work. Positive activities of children will also provide happiness. Negative- Do not share your achievements in front of others. Some people may hold negative thoughts for you with a feeling of jealousy. Take control of your anger and work in peace. You may face some kind of financial problem at this time, so keep a check on your unnecessary expenses. Business – This week there will be some relief from problems going on in the field. In financial matters, the guidance and advice of a senior and experienced person of the house will prove useful to you. Property related businesses will remain in profit. Love – husband and wife must respect each other’s feelings. Some kind of misunderstandings can arise in a love affair. Health- At some time, you will feel stress and tired due to negative thoughts. At this time, it is important to pay more attention to meditation.

Aquarius – positive – There will be some unexpected changes in your routine this week. Accept him with an open heart. This change will be positive for you. This week is especially auspicious for women. Their abilities and talents will help them achieve their status. Negative- Keep in mind that any past negative talk can spoil your present. It would be better to apply your energy to the present circumstances. Do not keep any type of borrowing at all. Because of this some relationships can also get spoiled. Business – Keep your files and paper work perfectly organized. And do not commit any kind of negligence in tax related work. At this time more thinking and thinking is required to improve your functioning. Love – there will be cooperative behavior in husband and wife. It is very important to keep your love affairs full. Health- Problems such as pain and swelling in the feet may remain. Make sure to have your regular checkup done. And get better treatment.

Pisces – Positive – Your principled approach and balanced behavior will maintain your proper respect both in the family and society. If any property related work is stopped at this time, then it is also a good time to complete it. Negative- Stay away from any type of lending related tasks. Because there is a possibility of someone being deceived. Do not spend too much time in any work, because of this, the best time can come out of your hands. Keep your nature positive. Business – Any concrete decisions taken at the workplace will prove to be excellent and success will also be achieved. But stay away from shares and risk-averse activities. At this time, there is a situation of loss in these works. Career people can be victims of any political activity, be careful. Love – There will be full support of your life partner and family members in solving your problems. Which will also keep your confidence. Health- There will be complaints of stomach ache and gas due to wrong eating. At this time, keep your routine very well organized.

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