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Saturn will rise in its own zodiac on February 11, after remaining 31 days | 31 दिन अस्त रहने के बाद 11 फरवरी को अपनी ही राशि में उदित होगा शनि

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  • Changes in the functioning of the people of Saturn’s half-and-half
  • The rise of Saturn may increase the difficulties of people doing illegal work

Last month, Saturn was established in Capricorn. For this reason, time is going well for most people. Now on 11 February, this planet will rise again. Which will increase its effect. The emergence of Saturn can increase the difficulties of the seven and a half and the sun sign. The rise of Saturn can increase the difficulties of bad and wrongdoing people. Due to the influence of Saturn, all zodiac signs will get the fruits of their good and bad deeds.

Pandit Ganesh Mishra, the astrologer of Kashi told that on January 12, the sun had come to Saturn. Due to which there was a difference of 15 degrees between these days. Due to this, Saturn was set down. Now the Sun is going to go in Aquarius and is away from Saturn. On February 11, Saturn will rise again. Sun son Shani is considered to be the slowest moving planet in Vedic astrology. Due to this, it lasts for two and a half years in an amount. Therefore, Saturn’s rise and rise is considered special. Due to this, big changes happen in nature. According to Pt Mishra, it will also see changes in politics. It will also affect all zodiac signs.

Effect of Shani will be on 12 zodiac signs

Aries : Rise of Saturn will lead to issues related to the purchase or sale of property and vehicles. Yogas will be formed. There will be a run in the work. Routines are the sum of changes in life. Everyday tasks will be slow.
Taurus Luck will support you. There may be a leg injury or bone problems. Enemies can annoy. Brothers – Friends and people working together will help.
Gemini : Wealth is the sum of loss. Have to be careful. Saving can be over. Necessary functioning of jobs and business may come in the way. There will be slow work on the plans. Plans may also remain incomplete.
Cancer : It is expected to benefit in the functioning. Projects working on business and jobs are likely to be successful. Travel will cost Property dispute is feared.
Lion : Enemies will prevail. There will be relief from physical problems. There are chances of getting help from people from far away places. Money will benefit and savings will also increase.
Virgo: Plans for new jobs in jobs and business can be made. There will be benefit in working. But there can be tension and controversy in marital life.
Libra: Time will be unfavorable. There may be interruptions in the work of people employed and doing business. There may be a leg injury or bone problems.
Scorpio: You will get full benefit of hard work. Luck will also be supported. Help will come from brothers, friends and workmates. The plans will be completed. There are also chances of traveling to far places.
Sagittarius: The work will be completed. The plans will start on time. Promotions will be made in job or business. Somebody’s secret may be known. But saving can also end.
Capricorn : There may be difficulty in making decisions. Health can be bad. Brothers, friends and companions will not be able to get help. It is a time of interruptions and problems in jobs and business.
Aquarius : Wealth is the sum of loss. The race will remain. Enemies can annoy. Your own people will look antagonistic. May have to take loan. Even luck will not be available.
Pisces: Circumstances will remain in the job and business. There will be work on the schemes and there will also be benefits. Health will be good Any secret can also be known.